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Urgent MI 2 question

posted by Otis on - last edited - Viewed by 901 users
Please get rid of this thread, if necessary, after I have got an answer. Thank you.

So Ive got the Monkey Island Trilogy pack, which contains the Monkey Island Madness CD featuring SoMI and MI 2. Does anyone know, for sure, if the MI 2 in that CD is the easier version, or the hard version?

I have only played the MI 2 from the Monkey Madness CD and it doesnt have an option to change the difficulty. However Ive heard that there are two difficulty settings in MI 2 in some versions. So I would like to know if I have always played the easy or the hard version.

I repeat I play it from the Monkey Island Trilogy box Monkey Madness CD. Thank you and sorry.
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