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Help finding buried treasure in Ep2

posted by Katana on - last edited - Viewed by 733 users
Hey, guys.
I'm working on episode 2 right now, and am stuck trying to find where that captain's two goons decided to bury the treasure. I put the pyrite parrot in the box so I imagine I'd hear it if I got close. I first checked the jungle, but I'm pretty sure I've looked at every screen. Then, realizing they took the raft, I decided to try that island where the beachcomber/adventurer lived. Couldn't really see any clickable sand or other possibilities there. I even checked the Spinner Cay main island, though that's mostly rock, for any possibilities, but nothing there either.

I know that it has to be somewhere within those 3 islands since the raft they took can't go outside of there, but can someone tell me if I'm missing something? Like some flyspeck island I haven't noticed on the raft screen?
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