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First Monkey Island and Favorite Monkey Island

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Well, someone was curious about this and I'm just the sort of idiot who would take the amount of time necessary to make such a long poll, so here goes. Which Monkey Island game introduced you to the series, and which game do you consider your favorite?

Other than Curse being my first, I played the rest of the series in order. I had a hard time choosing between Curse and Tales, but Curse won. Sentimental favoritism is hard to overcome, I guess, but that's the whole point of this thread, isn't it?
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  • LowMoralFiber;255790 said:
    I actually started with Escape, since it was the most recent game at the time and therfore the easiest to obtain. Then I played Secret, Revenge, Curse and Tales.
    Me too, so Escape was my first game. And... Wait, I have a favorite now?!
  • Curse - Escape - Secret - Revenge - TOMI1 - Secret SE - TOMI 2,3,4,5
    And I'd go with TOMI with my favourite. :3
  • Started with Curse, then Secret, Revenge, Escape and finally Tales. I played SOMI: SE before Tales too. Curse remains my favourite though just because all the styles worked, the artwork, the point n click system and verb coin, the music, the cast, the story up to the last two parts, I even admire the brave attempt at trying to fix all continuity with the MI2 ending.
  • I played them all in order, curse is my fav.
  • Sadly my first was a demo for Escape. For this reason, I'll always hold a small soft spot for it (which means I don't absolutely hate it all that much kind of). Curse is easily my favourite, though.
  • I played SoMI when I was like, only four on Windows 95. Then at the same age sometime something or other happened to the computer and SoMI got wiped and MI2 somehow appeared. I had never even got the past the part with the bridge troll. Anyways, I got MI2 and liked it, but again I had no idea what was going on.

    It wasn't until I was eight that everything snapped together and I was able to finish Monkey Island 2. It is to this day, easily my favourite Monkey Island game!
  • I first saw SMI being played at my cousin's house when his family got a new computer, and that was a new game they got for it (the EGA version on diskette) when I was a little kid. My family had played King's Quest IV, and some time later I asked if I could borrow SMI from them. I do know that by the time I had played it, MI2 was already out.

    However, with MI2, I hadn't played that one until I saw "LucasArts Archives, vol. III" in the store, which had the Monkey Island Madness CD as part of it. Sure, it's a good game, but the truth is I hated the ending. Having Guybrush end up in a stupid carnival at the end, suggesting the whole MI world was just his overactive imagination at an amusement park, with an apparently demon-possessed brother, just felt so stupid to me. If Ron Gilbert ever says that THAT is what the real Secret is, I'm going to be upset.

    However, Curse was my favorite for ages after it came out, primarily because of the voice acting, Murray, and challenging mode of ship combat (among other things... there's nothing I don't like about CMI.)

    I remember seeing Escape in the store during a time when Adventure games were basically dead. I remember that it was like $25 or so, and was disconcerted by the price being so low compared to other new games. I wondered at the time if EMI was shovelware. The game was new, why was the price so low? Well it wasn't TERRIBLE, but I could see at the time why Adventure games were dying or dead... since Sierra On-Line was gone, and LucasArts' two newest adventure games had terrible control schemes in a lame effort to make it feel like a console game (not to mention EMI's ending is anti-climactic.)

    But you know CMI had been my favorite for, I guess 12 years now... and playing Tales just gives me that resounding feeling of exactly what it was like to play SMI for myself the first time and crack-up laughing at the insult swordfighting, or for the first time ever to hear Murray say "Alright then, ROLL! ROLL through the gates of Hell... must you take the fun out of everything?"... Playing Tales just warms my heart, so I voted for TMI as my favorite.
  • I played them in order, although MI2 was already out by the time I bought SMI. MI2 is still the high point of the series.
  • SMI was the first I played, but then we skipped MI2 and went straight to CMI, playing the others more-or-less in order (MI2, EMI, TMI, SMI:SE). Choosing a favourite was incredibly difficult, but I went with CMI because I have the most fond memories of playing it as a kid. :)
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