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Interesting story...

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Earlier today, I was speaking with a prospective client. He was telling me about a friend of his that started a company and last weekend, as a charity fund raiser, they brought the Blues Brothers in to perform. (I'm getting to the interesting bit now). I'm still not too sure why he mentioned that... At any rate, he then said that in a few weeks, they're bringing in an old friend of his from high school, that used to do voices at the talent show, and MC the dances, etc... having now gone on to bigger and better things. The biggest thing now being the voice of Goofy. Yes my friends, he was talking about none other than Bill Farmer (the original Sam for you youngin's).

I was shocked. So close to him and yet, so far... :)
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  • Well... Bruce Willis refused to sign my "Die Hard Trilogy"-DVD-box at the German "Over the Hedge" premiere and just wanted to shake my hand instead... I'm still unsure if that was a good deal.
  • I met Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek: TNG), and the person doing the models and textures for my game project is the voice of one of the TMNT in the Brazilian translation of the show :D

    Okay, so my celeb connections suck... but, friggin' Ninja Turtles! :P
  • I've once seen a movie, that somebody famous starred in.

    ...Sadly that the most intresting thing i can think of right now. :(
  • fajerkaos;22165 said:
    I've once seen a movie, that somebody famous starred in.
    No kidding, me too! Was it in a movie theatre? If so, it must be the same person we're talking about. It's a small world...
  • I met Dick Hatch, yes that's right, Survivor's naked gay dude, he was pretty cool, I met him at the Boston Marathon a few years back, since I live in Hopkinton, MA (AKA, the starting line of the Boston Marathon) I tend to go every year.

    Oh and my Girlfriend used to work at a mexican Restorant owned by the father of Malcolm in the Middle's Duey, I can never remeber the kid's name.
  • Silly Bob;22661 said:
    I met Dick Hatch, yes that's right, Survivor's naked gay dude
    He's just begging for attention, heckles and jokes with that.
    (Not from me, but c'mon. Dick Hatch? Truth in advertising needn't be so obvious...) :p
  • I go to high school with the children of Tom Johnston (lead vocals of the Doobie Brothers), Sean Penn, George Lucas (well, she graduated last year), and Dana Carvey (my neighbor). And I met the President of Ecuador!
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    One time CliffyB pushed my friend and I out of the way when we were trying to play Okami at E3.
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