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Trying for intelligent conversation? The Path

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Hello all my Tell Tale forum friends, enemies, and people who otherwise don't care. I was hoping to have an analytical conversation about the Path, a game by Tale of Tales, which is a bizarre little game basically about Little Red Ridding Hood. If you haven't played it, you can buy and download it for 10 bucks on the Tale of Tales website. It is definitely worth a play.

To start off the conversation, I have a burning question to ask of you all:
Do you think the Grandmother is dead from the beginning of the game? (Yes this game is dark and goth)
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  • Plunder_Bunny;256039 said:
    Well, in most if not all versions of Little Red Riding Hood, Red has never been a good girl. Maybe the parody should be playing the different "wolves" in the Path and having the girls be mean to it. I don't know... I'm digging.
    Here is a log between my friend and I that suggests a funny image idea for a parody. I'm a little unmotivated to do it and it's kind of hard to do right now with everything I already have on my list, but who knows. (SPOILERS I guess; also I've shortened the log a bit through editing because it was a little too long, we made a whole movie out of it. :|)

    [18:52] Mistressof*****: omg you know what you should do
    [18:52] Mistressof*****: what if Disney like, wanted to make a movie of Little Red Riding Hood
    [18:52] Mistressof*****: and they decided to use tale of tale's idea
    [18:52] PecanBlu: WHAT
    [18:53] PecanBlu: how would that even work???
    [18:53] Mistressof*****: well it would have to be all kiddified and sh**
    [18:53] PecanBlu: Let me guess, you want me to draw this? Like a whole comic?
    [18:54] Mistressof*****: no, no a comic is too much work
    [18:54] Mistressof*****: make it like a movie poster-type thing
    [18:54] PecanBlu: I think we've already given too much attention to this company already, even if it's mock attention
    [18:54] PecanBlu: like much more than they deserve :|
    [18:54] Mistressof*****: come on, it'll be funny!!!!!
    [18:54] Mistressof*****: like, Ruby's wolf would be the only bad one
    [18:54] Mistressof*****: maybe Carmen's wolf is his generic fat villain sidekick
    [18:54] PecanBlu: hahaha
    [18:55] Mistressof*****: all the sisters would be princesses :3
    [18:55] PecanBlu: Would Ruby's wolf have one of those typical accents with a comical cigarette in his mouth all the time?
    [18:55] Mistressof*****: wait, maybe the REAL VILLAIN would just be Ginger's wolf, da evil twin sister, who is behind everything
    [18:55] PecanBlu: "We's gonna get dose goils, see?" *smokes cigarette*
    [18:55] Mistressof*****: yesssss
    [18:55] PecanBlu: we're kind of defeating the purpose, though
    [18:55] Mistressof*****: WHO CARES
    [18:55] PecanBlu: how would you explain Rose's wolf then???
    [18:56] Mistressof*****: well...
    [18:56] Mistressof*****: um...
    [18:57] PecanBlu: Is Scarlet's wolf the prince?
    [18:57] Mistressof*****: maybe Rose's wolf could just be the mysterious god-like entity (LIKE MUFASA) who guide the girls, or just Rose
    [18:57] Mistressof*****: he could be the prince, sure
    [18:57] Mistressof*****: or just the bad-boy-turned-good love interest since the girls are already princesses
    [18:57] PecanBlu: but if he guides the girls how would that explain him being a wolf
    [18:58] Mistressof*****: Well maybe he's just an evil illusion created by girl in white, or some other wolf, I dunno just play along!!!
    [18:58] PecanBlu: Robin's wolf is the talking animal sidekick
    [18:58] PecanBlu: he can't bring himself to eat them because they're so cute :3
    [18:58] Mistressof*****: the end at grandmother's house is just a surreal Fantasia-like musical sequence
    [18:58] PecanBlu: hahahahaha good god
    [18:58] Mistressof*****: and it would be called "The Path: JOURNEY TO GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE"
    [18:58] Mistressof*****: with the subtitle: "In these woods, you can't trust anyone." since you don't know which wolf is going to kill in the end.
    [18:59] Mistressof*****: or maybe that subtitle is a little too menacing for a kid's movie, I dunno.
    [18:59] PecanBlu: you're nuts, Lin.
  • Silverpetwolf: I'm all about making games! It's fun and why I got a second degree.

    Ooo, what about making a parody of the path where you played the wolf? You play each girls wolf and it comprises of you sitting an waiting for the girls to show up. Mimic the annoying parts of the game play by sitting around waiting for the girls to come by? No one would play this game, but it would be entertaining!
  • Silverwolfpet;256091 said:
    Well, would YOU like to make a game? A playable smart game?
    OOOH CAN I MAKE A GAME! I want to base it off a player of who Just spent five bucks buying the graveyard, and the object of the game, is to make the player get up and slowly walk away from the computer*Spoofing the graveyard.* Then point and click adventure where he makes his way to the Tale of Tales office, and it's all fighter game from there.

    EDIT: Yes, I just bought The Graveyard...I feel ripped off and not very happy about it...why would you even give the option of buying it and not offering it for free.
  • Icedhope;256514 said:
    OOOH CAN I MAKE A GAME! I want to base it off a player of who Just spent five bucks buying the graveyard, and the object of the game, is to make the player get up and slowly walk away from the computer*Spoofing the graveyard.* Then point and click adventure where he makes his way to the Tale of Tales office, and it's all fighter game from there.
    That sounds like GOTY material right there.
  • I may have downloaded the Graveyard, but I did not buy it. The demo was um... interesting... enough for me.
  • PS. One of my favorite indie games is Auditorium. It is very pretty, has great puzzles that often drive me nuts in a good way, (I bought the whole thing and am still stuck on one of them) and is in my opinion a good example of an artistic game. (not the same kind as The Path but you get the picture)

    I suggest everyone at least try the demo, it has 3 acts.
  • I have NOT played the game. Instead, I watched a series of Let's Plays. Yeah yeah, I'm chicken, shut up.

    Anyway, I think all the sisters represent different moments in life where one loses innocence. All of these sisters are stories told by the grandmother about her own experiences in the woods, when she left the path, to the granddaughter to always stay in the path. Because outside the path, there is a wolf waiting to prey on her innocence.

    Robin's the youngest. Her wolf is a standard wolf who didn't need a disguise to trick her because she's still young. This is the first time she felt the dangers of life, and what death really is. (she didn't see anything bad about death and compared it with flowers before that.)

    Rose is the second youngest. She has an affinity for nature (at least, that's what I read in Wikipedia), so her wolf disguised himself as the beauty of nature. She probably drowned afterward, being 'betrayed' by nature.

    Ginger is the third, I don't really know what her wolf is. Maybe it's puberty, like what PecanBlue said.

    Ruby is the fourth, her wolf obviously represents her first cigarette.

    Carmen is the fifth, or second oldest. Her wolf represents losing virginity.

    Scarlett is the oldest. I don't know what her wolf represents. Maybe it represents her discovery of passion?

    Then the last girl, the girl in white, is the actual granddaughter, told by the grandmother to stay in the path, which she did (in the play-through I watched, at least. Yeah, I'm a coward, shut up)

    So all these sisters are actually the grandmother during several different points in her life. The moral is just like the original Little Red Riding Hood story; to never lie, or the villagers won't come when you actually tell the truth.

    I like analyzing things. I think I'll analyze the symbolic meaning of The Pokemon anime next.

    Pikachu is actually Jesus...
  • Tredlow: It sounds like you agree with most people's interpretation of the Path. I guess I'm the only one who likes to think that the girl in white is the wolf, creating these illusions for the girls to test their temptations... I must have missed something in Carmon's story line. I got the drunk and party bit, but how is a bad sexual experience. I may not have been paying attention...

    As for loving to analyze random stuff, my sisters and I still often ponder if Guybrush and LeChuck are actually brothers, or it was just a bad Star Wars joke? The last part of MI2 was REALLY surreal. Yes, I have no life.

    A really good horror game that is FREE, yes free, is the White Chamber. It is messed up, and short, but I thought it was really well done!
  • Plunder_Bunny;257862 said:
    I must have missed something in Carmon's story line. I got the drunk and party bit, but how is a bad sexual experience. I may not have been paying attention...
    Well, because most people tend to see, by word of god, that all the girls' wolves represent a sort of temptation relating to each of their personalities. Since one of the major premises of the game is that you must get to know the girls, we see it as if learning about their personality also helps us to understand what will break them/be the death of them. Carmen just sort of is the flirty, sexy one, giving off vibes of inexperience and ignorance of her own actions regarding men, so of course what would be able to break this is a bad sexual experience, (possibly her first) a sexual experience in general where she regretted her actions, or just any sort of sexual encounter where she would realize the consequences or parading around wildly for men's attentions. (Possibly another look into gender conformity?) Because of her interest in beer and alcohol, we can also see it as a hint that she experienced an intoxication to further send her into a spiral of bad consequences.

    There's some other hints toward this result in the game too, such as her interactions with objects in the forest. If you sit on a bench she says "the man who would save us is the destroyer, but the tenderness of giving in can defeat any power."

    "The man who would save us" kind of sounds like the lumberjack of the story, no? But are lumberjacks really saviors? I mean they cut down and destroy trees, and they have axes; they could be really dangerous. "The tenderness of giving in can defeat any power" just generally sounds like the dangers of not being able to identify the consequences when you're involved in a sexual encounter.

    Her wolf doesn't need to be a literal man, nor does the campsite need to be a literal area she visits. It could all just be one big metaphor of the wilderness. A party would be a good example of a wild place to be. I'm not sure what's up with the girl in white though. Perhaps if she represents purity or innocence, we could see it as if her constant entering and exiting of the small red tent is symbolizing Carmen's struggle of giving in to sexual temptation, and when girl in white finally leaves into the forest and disappears we could see it as Carmen finally giving in.

    Also, I see grandmother's house as a travel through memories, but the memories suddenly become very sinister upon a wolf encounter. Because of this, I see it as if our travel through grandmother's house after Carmen's wolf encounter is a sort of look at what she feels and sees after or during this bad experience. There is fire in several places... A feeling of intense heat is common in bad sexual experiences. I must say that I really have no idea what's going on in the first room, but if you take a good listen when she's going up the wooden passage, there is some um... Questionable noises. Someone dug around the game files and found that the sound file for it does in fact have a sexual name. So because of this it's kind of hard to not come to the conclusion that her experience had to do with sex.
  • Ok. I'll buy that theory. Carmon was one of the last girls I played. I don't know why, but she didn't have as big an impact on me as the other girls. Go figure. So could it be argued that the walk of shame to Grandma's house and the bizarness of the inside is like a nightmare about the bad experience? And why do they always die when they get to Grandma's room?
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