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Lechuck? (Possible Spoilers)

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Just a small poll on your ideas of Lechuck in the next Monkey Island game.
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  • There's no way LeChuck is gone for good; this guy's basically the poster child for coming back to (un)life from improbably impossible situations. But, I think it's time for a rest for the character. It'd be nice to see hints of his presence in the future - subtle reminders that maybe, maybe he isn't as gone as the Caribbean would like him to be.

    That being said, let's introduce a new villain. It's a big world, there have to be more villains out there (not to mention pirates of low moral fiber). So a new antagonist would be refreshing. Plus, there's clearly something going on with the Voodoo Lady. I can't really see her in all-out villainy (nothing on LeChuck's level, at least), but... something antagonistic, nonetheless. Maybe. I don't even know what's going on in her head.

    And I would like to see Largo again. He was hilarious, the little punk. Maybe as a decoy villain to fake us out before the real big bad shows up?
  • Even if I know it would be repetitive, I'd like LeChuck to return in his human form and help Guybrush once again, honestly, this time! They fight together to put an end to the Voodoo Lady's puppet show! One thing that I hoped would happen in Tales was that LeChuck would sacrifice himself to save Guybrush, somehow. So I'd really like if this happened in the next season!
  • haydenwce27;257177 said:
    Plus, why not another new villain? There's always room in MI to throw more characters into the mix - expand the Monkey Island world even more, I say!
    That's the main problem with MI series, I find. In every game there have been side chars practically thrown at us, to disappear cluelessly near the end. They never get their traits developed properly, they just appear one-sided and this is how we must either hail, or boo them at the same time. I really think they should get an old character out of the dust and redo him (or her), making him/her reappear with much more asskicking style than before. And make Guybrush say: "Oh god, now I hate him/her even more..."

    haydenwce27;257177 said:
    I say we should give LeChuck a longer hiatus. [...] By the way, Daniel Radcliffe wasn't right for the part of Harry Potter.
    The problem with LeChuck (and it was the same with Radcliffe appearing in Potter movies) is that he's been so long around ever since, it's hard to picture a game without him now. I'm not saying it can't be done, but seeing as the more he returns - the more he's spectacular, the only character who could overcome him as a villain without losing spectacularity at the same time would be the Voodoo Lady. Because I doubt a new villain could do the trick: remember how bad Mandrill failed at the end of EMI?
  • I agree that it's nice to have new stuff added to the Monkey Island universe, but let's not take it too far, right? I mean, LeChuck IS the villain. He's Guybrush's antagonist. He's the reason for Guybrush's adventures. I don't want Monkey Island to turn stale either, but I want it to remain Monkey Island.
  • Reaper Lyn;257211 said:
    not to mention pirates of low moral fiber
    It was actually "men of low moral fiber" i.e. pirates, but I get your point.
    Reaper Lyn;257211 said:
    And I would like to see Largo again. He was hilarious, the little punk. Maybe as a decoy villain to fake us out before the real big bad shows up?
    And while at it, here's what I would've liked to happen in the next game: with LeChuck stuck in time/space for good now, the Caribbean start to slowly regain its pirateness, seeing as they're not afraid anymore. Many pirates start to try to take LeChuck's place, but suddenly comes Largo - he challenges Guybrush and tells him about yet another voodoo shenanigan that could potentially revive LeChuck. And while the two of them race each other in search for the ingredients: Guybrush to prevent this from happening and Largo to make it happen, they both bump into the Voodoo Lady who, gaining LeChuck's power, has started gaining lust for it

    What would've been really wicked is Guybrush eventually journeying into the remains of LeChuck's mind, where he encounters weird things and people and finally learns some shocking truth (like LeChuck actually being his brother, or something), before confronting the final villain. There must be a huge twist in the storyline for this though.
  • Nobody wants Wally back?

    "I am sure I know you from somewhere... oh, it's Wally! And see, this time I have grown a full beard! :p"
  • He survived an exploding ship, why not an exploding rollercoaster?

    (unless he appears in EMI and he dies there, I don't think that happens...)
  • No, he didn't appear in EMI. I remember him in CMI, but somehow I thought he died at the end, because he was strapped to that roller coaster panorama with fake Guybrush.

    Though now come to think of it, he did appear in the ending scene, so maybe he could return once more. The question is: as a pirate or as a cartographer?
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