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Possible bug in Muzzlelator? (Gromit spoilers?)

posted by akaimizu on - last edited - Viewed by 432 users
I'm at the part in Muzzled where I'm Gromit and I'm trapped in the ride. I've gotten out of the cell however, in there the arrow keys wont move Gromit. They only can select inventory when using up/down. I could only select the ladder, the dog pushing the wheel, and the dog food can. Is this a bug or what? I tried exiting the game and coming back in, but the controls are the same. Am I really stuck and have to start over?
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  • Never mind. It was a random bug. Apparently, the game can put you in a spot there where you lose directional movement controls. Oddly enough, the loss of movement controls also saves if you exit the game there. So I had to start over. I retraced my steps to get there, and this time my movement controls work again. I'll have to remember to bookmark more, in case this happens again.
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