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Virus alert in Samorost

posted by Spellbreaker on - last edited - Viewed by 478 users
Hi there!

I want to inform you, that Avira AntiVir alerts me on samorost1.exe, talking about the Trojan TR/PSW.QQSpy.AF . I guess this is a false alarm, because it did not happen before the latest update, but please would you check that?


Nico Blanke
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  • Hi Nico,

    Antivirus programs often identify the DRM system used for our games as a false positive.

    I'll contact the company that makes the DRM software about this. Thanks for the info.

    EDIT: Do you know the date of this update?
  • actually avira is false-detecting exe-files created by SAFlashPlayer.exe. it's used to create self-executing flash-programs from swf-files.

    Emily;25846 said:
    EDIT: Do you know the date of this update?
    i get this warning since yesterday. virusdefinitionfile: V6.38.00.129, 27.03.2007
    The file 'SAFlashPlayer.exe' has been determined to be 'FALSE POSITIVE'. Detection will be removed from our virus definition file (VDF) with the next updates.
  • Hi there!

    With the Virusdefinitions V6.38.00.138 from 03/28/2007 that false alarm has been fixed in avira.

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