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  • ToMI really a little easier that Sam and Max. That's why i don't use any solutions or forums.
    ToMI is the BEST! (this my first game from TTG)
  • Bloody Eugene;253533 said:
    That's not true:
    to really have a fair percentage of people who found it difficult you have to do:

    [(total number of people who ask help / total number of people who bought the game)*100]

    If even 100 people asked help but they sold 100,000 copies, it would be only 0.1% of people who found the game difficult.
    But given that TT never gave the numbers of sold copies, we'll never know. :p

    BTW I found the chapters 2, 3 & 5 easy too. Stemmle was a genious in chapter 1 & 4, he found the perfect difficulty to me.
    Actually this isn't how statistical extrapolation works.
  • Dang really that becomes my first post on this forum?
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