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First Monkey Island and Favorite Monkey Island

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Well, someone was curious about this and I'm just the sort of idiot who would take the amount of time necessary to make such a long poll, so here goes. Which Monkey Island game introduced you to the series, and which game do you consider your favorite?

Other than Curse being my first, I played the rest of the series in order. I had a hard time choosing between Curse and Tales, but Curse won. Sentimental favoritism is hard to overcome, I guess, but that's the whole point of this thread, isn't it?
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  • SMI was the first I played, but then we skipped MI2 and went straight to CMI, playing the others more-or-less in order (MI2, EMI, TMI, SMI:SE). Choosing a favourite was incredibly difficult, but I went with CMI because I have the most fond memories of playing it as a kid. :)
  • I first played MI2 when I was 8 years old or something like that, but at the time I didn't speak English as good as I do now (it's not my mother tongue), therefore I skipped a handful of decent jokes. Plus, I was scared of the final sequence, which made me shiver every time LeChuck came in and the music changed. Plus I raged on little time delays to act there lol

    But my fav was definitely CMI. I first played it on a friend's PC and was like "This isn't Monkey Island, it looks nothing like those sprite-y games". But then I sort of got washed away by it and played it several times in the same year, over and over again, until I juiced it of every joke and got bored.

    I still play CMI maybe like every once 3-4 years, though I have little time to play games now. I finished Tales about a week ago and have to say it was close to beating CMI near the end (Rise of the Pirate God is simply awesome), but it never did. Dunno if they would make a game decent enough to beat CMI, plus at the time I was a kid and it meant a lot to me (not like now when I'm almost a father myself lol).
  • I played SoMI way back on my Atari ST and I played all the games in order from then on, MI2 was the first game I bought when I got my first PC (MI2 was one of the reasons for getting the PC) and it's still my favourite in the series.
  • Secret-Curse

    I don't know, I think the better graphic/sound pushed it over the top. ('Sept Tales. I thought it was better than Tales... Maybe just 'cause it was first-er?)
  • My chronologicle order of the series ive played is
    chapter 5 of tales.
  • My first Monkey Island was Escape From Monkey Island for PS2. I was about nine then and I thought that the point and click interface was a ton of fun. I loved being able to kick the fireball onto the cannon and I played that part over and over.

    My favorite now is LeChuck's Revenge. I can play it over and over and not get tired of it. It's the perfect game. It has no flaws, no pacing issues, and all of the characters and situations and areas are memorable and beautiful. It's also one of the first games that truly scared me, so there's that as well.
  • This was a hard decision. I was torn between Curse and Tales for favorite. While I think Curse is just the best all around Monkey Island games combining 2D animation at it's peak, perfect humor and clever, but challenging puzzles, Tales was probably the first Monkey Island game that truly felt like a journey. The other Monkey Island games seem to me more like a fun escape from reality. Finishing Tales felt much more rewarding than any previous game. Being episodic was the only thing keeping it from being my favorite. The pace and feel of each episode is a bit different than playing any part of a previous Monkey Island game. Still, Tales stands as probably the most creative, original and satisfying sequel to a hibernating series that I can think of.
  • My first was Curse (and actually, it was also my first adventure game!).
    My favourite is MI2, although Tales took its place for a while.
  • First MI: Secret of Monkey Island at 5 years old, first video game.
    Favorite MI: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. It retains much of the first game's innocent charm but adds in a delightful dose of darkness. Scared the hell out of me a couple times as a kid.

    (Second favorite - SoMI, Third favorite - CoMI, Fourth favorite: ToMI, Hate - EfMI)
  • haydenwce27;255635 said:
    My chronology is: Curse, Escape, Secret, Revenge, Tales Episodes 1,2 & 3, SoMI: Special Edition, Tales Episodes 4 & 5.
    i have not played escape yet, but apart from that, my chronology is identical. quite a coincidence!

    oh, and my fav is tales. not sure which episode, though, have to replay them in order.
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