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How can we get MORE M rated Wii video games?

posted by Darkblader on - last edited - Viewed by 2.3K users
I am pretty sure that there are a few fellow Wii gamers on here. So I will ask each and every one of you this. Are u sick and tired of people bragging their lungs off about the Wii being a kids thing? I know I am...So I personally think there should be more M rated games for the Wii.

The only ones that I know are good are Madworld and No more Heroes. But the grinder looks like a fun FPS. So how can we get more M rated Wii video games?
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  • The Wii needs more games that are worth playing.

    The problem is that shovelware sells so well on the system. It's really the main 3rd party draw. If you aren't published by Nintendo, aiming for the "Hardcore Gamer" market isn't going to work on the Wii unless you're also launching on both of the other consoles. And then, of course, you aren't FOCUSING on the Wii, and the Wii really requires conscious development to make something amazing for the system.

    I love some Wii games, but they're so few and far between, and whenever I look into them later, they have always sold poorly.
  • You want more M rated Wii games? Then people need to buy them. Madworld and House of the Dead: Overkill didn't sell that well, meaning there's little impetus to keep making more.

    Look at it from a publisher's point of view. You can either make a cheap and nasty minigame collection, or spend more money and time on making a proper adult game. But in the end, they're both gonna sell about the same amount. Which would you do?
  • ^

    What he said.

    Cursed Mountain just came out and... the developer goes under. :(
  • Maybe if something.... unfortunate was to happen to Michael Atkinson.....

    And jp, half of those games were god awful. Elebits? Shaun White Snowboarding? If that's the best the Wii has to offer, it's pretty piss poor.

    I've got like 18 Wii games (most are my brothers) and I can honestly say I own every good game currently out on the console. I have 23 PS3 games and I can easily say that theres a good 80+ more good titles out currently, and March is gonna be a kickass month for releases.
  • Umm. Congratulations?
  • The question is why would you want to =p

    The Wii IS marketed more towards kids, along with casual gamers, old people and "parents."
    The sheer lack of power is always a step back for developing (for example) FPS games.
    I've also been hearing how bad it's controls are, which I suppose sounds reasonable now that the gimmick's worn off. But then, this is another drawback if you want "mature" games in the sense of action titles; I'm an FPS buff and poor controls is the first thing that will make you chuck your monitor out the window, let alone a completely new system that also lags not from latency but from your input device itself.

    The bigger question is why you'd want it. Is it because it's the only system you have, and you're getting bored? Maybe it's because you don't want the console to be seen as a kids toy for some reason?
    If you're really in the market for more mature games, whether it's content or gameplay, pick up another console.

    Of course, nothing beats good old PC.
  • Rather Dashing;259335 said:

    The problem is that shovelware sells so well on the system.
    Actually, it doesn't, other than a few exceptions. Look at EA, they supported the Wii heavily in the past year; however lost a F***ton of money, thus continued support is unlikely. Finally on the Wii, only first party games sell exceptionally.
  • Meh, I've never cared much for M-rated games, so the Wii is perfect for me. It's all about personal preferences. If you find that the Wii doesn't offer you enough of what you want, you may want to switch to another platform.
  • Haggis;259431 said:
    It's all about personal preferences. If you find that the Wii doesn't offer you enough of what you want, you may want to switch to another platform.
    I agree with you. If it doesn't have the the games you want, and personaly ratings shouldn't mean anything to a seasoned gamer, it should be about what you would find fun in a game or what looks like a good game not the rating of it.

    If you do want M rated game only then switch to the X-box or PS3.
  • I am fairly new to the Wii since I've had it for less than a year, so I still need to play the good releases like Super Mario Galaxy, but I do also wish they'd get to releasing more games. All I'm interested in right now is No More Heroes 2, (which is M-rated btw) and when I had the Gamecube I was excited for multiple games like, every month, so this just doesn't do. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is pretty much the only Wii game I still play. :T

    I think all systems have their heap of bad game releases, fair amount of good/okay releases, and few amounts of awesome releases, but I've gone "man I really need a PS3" more times in the past few months than I've been "man I really need [Wii game]." I hope they mean what they said and step it up for E3 this year, but then again the last time they got my hopes up it was a measly Wii Music announcement, so hell.
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