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First games of specific genres you've ever played?

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What are your first video games ever played, as far as you can remember?

For me it's

First side-scroller (also first game ever) - Rayman (God, I miss Rayman)

First 3D platformer - Crash Bandicoot (Everybody's playing it, so why not?)

First adventure game - Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell (I used Walkthroughs throughout the whole game)

First first-person shooter - Half Life (I call Headcrabs Bean-turkeys)

First RPG - Pokemon Red (The day I first got a hand-held is the day I stopped complained during long drives in a car)

First Survival Horror - Resident Evil 1 (I had nightmares because of this)

First game with violence - Oddworld; Abe's Oddysey ("What do you mean you can't shoot stuff in this game?!" - Friend of mine)

First game ever ended - Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell (Walkthroughs)

First game to end in multiplayer mode - Legend of Mana (With my cousin, all weekend)

First game to like so much that I wait for the next game the developers are making - Jak and Daxter (I didn't really pay attention to developers before then)
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  • First side-scroller - Commander Keen. (The first one, not the more famous Keen 4)

    First 3D platformer - Bug! on the Saturn.

    First adventure game - Leisure Suit Larry. (Much to my family's shock and chagrin)

    First first-person shooter - Wolfenstein 3D.

    First RPG - Honestly can't remember.

    First Survival Horror - Alone In The Dark. (Not the fancy new one)

    First game with violence - Wolfenstein 3D.

    First game ever ended - Wolfenstein 3D.

    First game to end in multiplayer mode - Mario 3.

    First game to like so much that I wait for the next game the developers are making - Commander Keen. (I was a huge Apogee fan... still am)
  • First platformer: not sure which was the first, but Henry's House was one of my favourites in my early gaming career. Even before I got hold of a machine of my own. Played it a lot on a borrowed C64.

    First racing game: Outrun on the C64, maybe. Again not sure. It's been so long now, and details are fading fast.

    First adventure game: This one I'm pretty sure of - Murder on the Mississippi (C64). Great sherlock holmes style detective game. Didn't get very far though, and I kept dying and had no idea how to save.

    First shoot'em up: even more unclear. Airwolf (C64) perhaps.

    First arcade/misc: Space Taxi (C64), most likely not my first, but certainly one of my favourites.

    First coin-op: Bubble Bobble (C64). Played it a LOT, one of my favourites of all time even today.

    First fighting game: Yie Ar Kung Fu (C64). I still enjoy this. I also like the the clone by Team 17, called Full Contact.

    First soccer game: that's easy - International Soccer (the one by Commodore on C64). I remember playing it to death, and then some. I used the cartridge version.

    First point'n'click: Zak McKracken (C64). Playing it with a joystick wasn't as good as when I got it on the Amiga, but I absolutely loved the game.

    First strategy game: Defender of the Crown (C64)

    First ever completed game: I'm 99% sure that The Secret of Monkey Island is the first game I ever completed.

    First ever RPG: Bard's Tale or Times of Lore on the C64.

    First ever JRPG: Final Fantasy VII. Still among my favourite games ever.

    First ever stealth game: Metal Gear Solid I think. Not sure if I played Tenchu first, or if playing MGS sparked my interest in Tenchu when I heard what kind of game it was.

    First ever FPS: Doom or Rise of the Triad. Though I didn't have my own PC - I was still hoping for an Amiga comeback.
  • First side-scroller, first platformer, first game to finish and overall first game - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

    First 3D platformer - Banjo-Kazooie (Took me a while to get my own N64, but I constantly went to Toys-R-Us just to leech off of this game. I enjoyed it that much.)

    First adventure game - Are You Afraid of the Dark: The Tale of Orpheo's Curse

    First first-person shooter - Descent

    First RPG - Pokémon Blue

    First Survival Horror - Not sure... Maybe Jurassic Park arcade, but considering that one was a popular game in Chuck E Cheese's where there were children, it might not count as a horror. If not, maybe House of the Dead.

    First game with violence - Sanitarium (It took me a while for my mom to let me, so I was 9 and it was an awesome, awesome underrated game and didn't traumatize me at all, surprisingly. Even with that town of deformed children!)

    First game to end in multiplayer mode - Battletoads. (Thankfully, the Genesis version!)

    First game to like so much that I waited for the next game the developers were making - Banjo-Kazooie (Because of the fact that I was sure there would be a sequel due to the ending of the first game, waiting around for this was nuts. There was even a fan-site I got involved with containing fans that were equally going as nuts I was.)

    First simulation and strategy game - SimCity 2

    First online game - Worms 2

    First fighter - Power Rangers (Genesis)

    First action game and beat-em-up - Batman Returns (SNES)

    First arcade game - Kangaroo

    First edutainment - Get Ready for School, Charlie Brown (might just count as an early childhood game only, otherwise it's Oregon Trail)

    First puzzle game - Tetris

    First sports game - NHLPA Hockey '93

    First rhythm game - Parappa the Rapper

    First racing game - Mario Kart

    First MMO - City of Heroes (Yes I was late and also only leeched off of my friend for a while to decided if I liked it, and I didn't.)
  • I doubt I remember some of these. Adventure was my first genre, but after that I don't know if the first one was the original Maniac Mansion or Secret of Monkey Island(I played a really large range of older and newer adventure games when I was introduced.

    I was introduced to some genres far later. My first shooter was DOOM, and I didn't get another one until Goldeneye 007.

    My first platformer was Sonic the Hedgehog.

    3D Platformer: Super Mario 64.

    Racing: Mario Kart, followed by Mario Kart 64. Never have been really big on the racing genre.

    My first Japanese RPG was Poke'mon Yellow. Not sure if Western RPGs came earlier or later, it's one of those situations where I grabbed a lot of newer and older ones at the same time so the timeline is impossible to work out, between my unreliable memory and release dates not mattering.
  • I've just done the ones I can remember!

    First side-scroller - Super Mario Bros

    First 3D platformer - Fade to Black

    First adventure game - Secret of Monkey Island

    First first-person shooter - Wolfenstein 3D

    First RPG - Fallout

    First Survival Horror - Resident Evil

    First game with violence - Wolfenstein 3D

    First game ever ended - Super Mario Bros.

    First simulation and strategy game - Syndicate

    First racing game - Screamer

    First beat-em-up - Double Dragon

    First puzzle game - Tetris

    First sports game - Daley Thompson's Decathlon
  • PecanBlue;259512 said:

    First rhythm game - Parappa the Rapper
    Oh, yeah. Parappa the Rapper was also my first rhythm game. I could NOT beat that toilet level.

    Oh, also

    First flight simulator game - Independence Day

    First game I ever used a cheat code - Skullmonkeys (I skipped most levels)

    First (lengthy) game I replayed right after finishing - Megaman Legends 1 (I just love running around the city)

    First vintage game I ever played (a game that's made way before I started playing it) - Secret of Monkey Island.

    First LucasArts adventure game - Escape from Monkey Island. (Yeah, and I liked it)
  • First Adventure Game: Space Quest 1 (EGA)
    First JRPG: Final Fantasy VII
    First RPG: Baldur's Gate
    First FPS: Wolfenstein 3D
  • Oh boy...

    First game ever - I think it was some Pong clone my uncle had for his Telefunken TV...

    First shoot 'em up: River Raid (Atari 800 XL)
    First side scroller: Jungle Hunt (Atari 800 XL)
    First jump 'n run: Donkey Kong (Atari 800 XL) (see a pattern? :D)
    First adventure game: Mask of the Sun (Atari 800 XL)
    First racing game: Pitstop (Atari yadda yadda)
    First fighting game: Karateka (A.Y.Y.)
    First 3D platformer: Tomb Raider (Playstation)
    First person shooter, First: Doom (PC)
    First RPG: Temple of Apshai (Atari 800 XL)
    First game ended: probably Jungle Hunt

    Geez... now I feel old (aka 32). :o

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  • First platformer - Pitfall (Atari)

    First side-scroller - Pitfall (Atari)

    First 3D platformer - Super Mario 64 (N64)

    First adventure game - Arcane (Flash)

    First first-person shooter - Goldeneye 64 (N64)

    First RPG - I forget the name of it (Genesis)

    First Survival Horror - Luigi's Mansion. (Gamecube)

    First game with violence - Street Fighter II. (Genesis)

    First game to end in multiplayer mode - Mario Party 3 (N64)

    First game to like so much that I waited for the next game the developers were making - Paper Mario (N64)

    First simulation and strategy game - Command and Conquer (PC)

    First online game - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (PC)

    First fighter - Street Fighter II (Genesis)

    First action game and beat-em-up - The Adventures of Batman and Robin (Genesis)

    First arcade game - Breakout (Atari)

    First edutainment - Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego (PC)

    First puzzle game - Dr. Mario (N64)

    First sports game - Some football game (Genesis)

    First rhythm game - Guitar Hero (XBOX360)

    First racing game - Road Rash (Genesis)

    First MMO - Silkroads Online (PC)
  • let's see, I'll just put up the ones I can remember I suppose a lot of these games will be for the genesis / mega drive as it was my first gaming system.

    First fighting game: Golden Axe I (Gensis / mega drive)

    First Platform game: Disney's Aladdin (Genesis / mega drive)

    First 3D platform game: Some platform game for PS One, I don't know actually...

    First first person shooter: Duke Nukem 3D (computer)

    First RPG: Fallout (Computer) might be Diablo (computer) as well, I'm not sure.

    First Third person shooter: Duke Nukem 1 (computer) if that counts as a 3rd person shooter, else I don't know. Quackshot maybe (genesis / mega drive)...

    First adventure game: The secrete of monkey island (computer) or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (computer) I honestly don't recall, it's one of them, I got ahold of them pretty much at the same time

    First Japanese RPG: Final Fantasy 7 (Playstation One)

    First game I beat: uuuh.... that game with the natzi zombies I think, don't recall the name, you're in a pyramid? maybe?

    First horror game: Mummy: Tomb of the Pharaoh (I recall really liking the recorded movies and the environment scared me when I played it first time.. and the second time too.... thinking on it, I always played it with my brother because both of us were to scared to play it alone ;) children for you)

    First sports game: Some game for the super nintendo console, I think it was ice hockey

    First racing game: Some game for the super nintendo console, I recall always getting eaten by the train at my friends place...

    First online game: Myth II: Soulblighter (computer)

    First RTS: Command & Conquer (computer)

    Well, those are all I can think of, enjoy :)
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