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The game on disk

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I'm from the UK, will the disk still get posted to me and if so when?
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  • Uzrname;259462 said:
    I counted 64. x that on 1.44 meg and you get like 90 Mb. That's not even enough for one episode, you need at least 200 Mb, i.e. 160 disks or so. So your counting is good, but it's rather 15 or so piles, not 11.
    I figured it by the size of the total Tales program folder being 1.3 GB (1,398,669,312 bytes) and a disk being 1.44 MB (1,474,560 bytes). 1,398,669,312 / 1,474,560 = 948.53. I re-counted and got an even 30 disks in the original stack, and that was copied and pasted 3 times, so that makes 90 disks in the stack. 949/90 = 10.5. So I stand by my "11 piles" statement.

    Chyron8472;259292 said:
  • It's actually 28 disks that have been copypasted (I recounted) three times, so theoretically 84 disks. But practically you can't say that because you don't see the top deck properly so you can only presume its the same as the pasted one (duh).

    But what if it's not?

    And btw, you're not counting the complete disk, just the five installments put into one single folder right-click properties. What if the disk has a different size, huh?
  • If that's the case, then we won't know until the DVD comes, now will we? Also, I would've come up with 28 again on my recount, but I noticed a couple places where there's enough of a gap between the disks that there has to be a couple we can't see there. Even if it is 28 disks, I was right the first time.

    Chyron8472;259292 said:
  • 11.3 (for the folder size you came up with). I.e. 11 stacks + this:

  • Well it's pretty clear we need a thread of mock up Tales formats

    Here's my shabby NES effort

  • guitarsareboring;259631 said:
    Well it's pretty clear we need a thread of mock up Tales formats

    Here's my shabby NES effort

    That brings back memories of the NES port of King's Quest V... *shudder*
  • Oh god. That's even more disks than Beneath A Steel Sky on the Amiga. The horror.

    And if we're doing console ports, here's one with polygons that you can shave with:


    I'd so buy that.
  • Pff, you amateurs with your Photoshop. THIS is how you do a mock up!

  • I'm suspecting... Photoshop, paper print, glue, and a box from Atari.

    Now the awesome: you actually found a similar font to type this in.

    EDIT: Well if Crysis got released for Atari, why not Tales =)
  • Nope, it was so much easier than that. I was originally going to do something similar to that to make the label image and just Photoshop it onto a picture of an Atari cartridge. It'd have to be a straight-on shot, though, because I'm totally incompetent with Photoshop. Changing the label font would've been a matter of finding enough label images with all the letters I needed. But when I hit Google for images, I found this.

    Now, I was still going to just Photoshop the label onto a picture of the cartridge, but...incompetent as I am, I couldn't make the rounded corners transparent instead of white. So I decided it would be easier to print it and attach it to a real cartridge. But I didn't want to ruin a real cartridge, so it's only loosely secured with tape.

    Also, I nearly didn't think to include the second copyright, and then when I did remember, I almost put LucasArts, but I thought that Lucasfilm Games would be a nice touch. Here's the label image. Click it for a larger version.


    By the way, the cartridge is Space Invaders. I probably should've used my second copy of E.T. instead.
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