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First games of specific genres you've ever played?

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What are your first video games ever played, as far as you can remember?

For me it's

First side-scroller (also first game ever) - Rayman (God, I miss Rayman)

First 3D platformer - Crash Bandicoot (Everybody's playing it, so why not?)

First adventure game - Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell (I used Walkthroughs throughout the whole game)

First first-person shooter - Half Life (I call Headcrabs Bean-turkeys)

First RPG - Pokemon Red (The day I first got a hand-held is the day I stopped complained during long drives in a car)

First Survival Horror - Resident Evil 1 (I had nightmares because of this)

First game with violence - Oddworld; Abe's Oddysey ("What do you mean you can't shoot stuff in this game?!" - Friend of mine)

First game ever ended - Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell (Walkthroughs)

First game to end in multiplayer mode - Legend of Mana (With my cousin, all weekend)

First game to like so much that I wait for the next game the developers are making - Jak and Daxter (I didn't really pay attention to developers before then)
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  • First Adventure Game: Space Quest 1 (EGA)
    First JRPG: Final Fantasy VII
    First RPG: Baldur's Gate
    First FPS: Wolfenstein 3D
  • Oh boy...

    First game ever - I think it was some Pong clone my uncle had for his Telefunken TV...

    First shoot 'em up: River Raid (Atari 800 XL)
    First side scroller: Jungle Hunt (Atari 800 XL)
    First jump 'n run: Donkey Kong (Atari 800 XL) (see a pattern? :D)
    First adventure game: Mask of the Sun (Atari 800 XL)
    First racing game: Pitstop (Atari yadda yadda)
    First fighting game: Karateka (A.Y.Y.)
    First 3D platformer: Tomb Raider (Playstation)
    First person shooter, First: Doom (PC)
    First RPG: Temple of Apshai (Atari 800 XL)
    First game ended: probably Jungle Hunt

    Geez... now I feel old (aka 32). :o

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  • First platformer - Pitfall (Atari)

    First side-scroller - Pitfall (Atari)

    First 3D platformer - Super Mario 64 (N64)

    First adventure game - Arcane (Flash)

    First first-person shooter - Goldeneye 64 (N64)

    First RPG - I forget the name of it (Genesis)

    First Survival Horror - Luigi's Mansion. (Gamecube)

    First game with violence - Street Fighter II. (Genesis)

    First game to end in multiplayer mode - Mario Party 3 (N64)

    First game to like so much that I waited for the next game the developers were making - Paper Mario (N64)

    First simulation and strategy game - Command and Conquer (PC)

    First online game - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (PC)

    First fighter - Street Fighter II (Genesis)

    First action game and beat-em-up - The Adventures of Batman and Robin (Genesis)

    First arcade game - Breakout (Atari)

    First edutainment - Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego (PC)

    First puzzle game - Dr. Mario (N64)

    First sports game - Some football game (Genesis)

    First rhythm game - Guitar Hero (XBOX360)

    First racing game - Road Rash (Genesis)

    First MMO - Silkroads Online (PC)
  • let's see, I'll just put up the ones I can remember I suppose a lot of these games will be for the genesis / mega drive as it was my first gaming system.

    First fighting game: Golden Axe I (Gensis / mega drive)

    First Platform game: Disney's Aladdin (Genesis / mega drive)

    First 3D platform game: Some platform game for PS One, I don't know actually...

    First first person shooter: Duke Nukem 3D (computer)

    First RPG: Fallout (Computer) might be Diablo (computer) as well, I'm not sure.

    First Third person shooter: Duke Nukem 1 (computer) if that counts as a 3rd person shooter, else I don't know. Quackshot maybe (genesis / mega drive)...

    First adventure game: The secrete of monkey island (computer) or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (computer) I honestly don't recall, it's one of them, I got ahold of them pretty much at the same time

    First Japanese RPG: Final Fantasy 7 (Playstation One)

    First game I beat: uuuh.... that game with the natzi zombies I think, don't recall the name, you're in a pyramid? maybe?

    First horror game: Mummy: Tomb of the Pharaoh (I recall really liking the recorded movies and the environment scared me when I played it first time.. and the second time too.... thinking on it, I always played it with my brother because both of us were to scared to play it alone ;) children for you)

    First sports game: Some game for the super nintendo console, I think it was ice hockey

    First racing game: Some game for the super nintendo console, I recall always getting eaten by the train at my friends place...

    First online game: Myth II: Soulblighter (computer)

    First RTS: Command & Conquer (computer)

    Well, those are all I can think of, enjoy :)
  • First platformer - Sonic (Megadrive)

    First side-scroller -Sonic (Megadrive)

    First 3D platformer -Super Mario 64 (N64)

    First adventure game -Broken Sword 2 (i played MI before not properly though)

    First first-person shooter - Goldeneye (N64)

    First RPG -Pokemon Red

    First Survival Horror -Resident Evil (GC)

    First game with violence -Double Dragon (MegaDrive)

    First game to end in multiplayer mode -Double Dragon (MegaDrive)

    First game to like so much that I waited for the next game the developers were making - Rogue Squadron (N64)

    First simulation and strategy game -C&C (PS1)

    First online game - UT2004

    First fighter - Brutal Paws of Fury (MegaDrive)

    First action game and beat-em-up - Double Dragon

    First puzzle game - Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (MegaDrive)

    First sports game -Sensible Golf (Amiga)

    First racing game -Street Racer (SNES)
  • I honestly don't remember a lot of these. I can, however, take educated guesses.

    First side-scroller: Alex Kidd in Miracle World (I distinctly remember constantly dying at the rock-paper-scissors bit)
    First 3D platformer: Super Mario 64
    First adventure game: The Secret of Monkey Island (or maybe... no, it's probably MI)
    First first-person shooter: Doom (I think)
    First RPG: Final Fantasy VII (I may have played them before, but I didn't truly know what they were until this)
    First Survival Horror: Resident Evil 2 (I don't even remember the first one, so this must have been it)
    First game ever finished: The Secret of Monkey Island (And I have no idea how I did it without walkthroughs, either)
    • First side-scroller: Super Mario Land for GameBoy. Probably the first game I ever played
    • First 3D platform game: Psychonauts. Remains the only 3D platform game I've played and am ever likely to play.
    • First adventure game: Sam & Max Hit the Road. Usually counted as the first game I ever played, despite Mario Land.
    • First action-adventure game: Tomb Raider, possibly.
    • First FPS: Either Doom or Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold. Probably Blake.
    • First RPG: Deus Ex. Not too fond of RPG's, other than this one and the Witcher.
    • First survival horror: probably the GameCube remake of Resident Evil, played around a friends. Not a big fan of survival horror.
    • First game with violence: Is Mario violent? I mean, you are jumping on poor weird creatures with intent to harm.
    • First game ever completed: Absolutely no clue. At a guess the shareware of Blake or Doom.
    • First sim: one of the early versions of Flight Simulator, or the original X-Wing.
    • First RTS: Total Annihilation. But I never got into it, so the one I actually count as first is StarCraft.
    • First TBS: Civilisation. The original. Never got anywhere with it.
    • First racing game: Wacky Wheels! Best. Racing. Game. Ever!
    • First online game: Day of Defeat. Back when it was still a mod in its early days, before the developers got hired by Valve and a commercial version was produced.
    • First puzzle game: Tetris. Naturally
    Anything else can pretty much be summed up as "what games in those genres were Apogee and LucasArts producing at that time?"
  • the ones I know:

    first game/fps: Wolfenstein 3D
    first adventure game: Full Throtle, It came with dark forces, I have always been a star wars geek.
    first sidescroller: Rayman
    First puzzleish game: Gubble
    First 3d Platformer: Mort the Chicken
    First simulation: Either the sims of Sim City
    First RPG: Chrono Trigger (still havent beated, just got to magus, I've been playing it for 10 years)
    First RTS: Warcraft 3
    First TBS: Civ 2
    First Racer: Whacky Wheels! anyone know where I can find this now?
    First Online Game: WoW
    First Beated: Rayman Hoodlums Revenge (either that or Metroid Fusion which reminds me...)
    First Action Adventure: Metroid Fusion
  • I'm not certain of all of this, but here's me writing too much

    First platformer: Sonic the Hedgehog 1 for the Master System (didn't own) (1995)

    First 3D platformer: Banjo-Kazooie (1999)

    First FPS: Nitemare 3D (Trial version. And I sucked at it and stuff kept hitting me from behind) (1997)

    First RPG: Quenzar's caverns (1997)

    First RPG a bit further removed from D&D: Pokemon Blue (didn't own) (2000)

    First adventure game: Mr Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley (early-mid 90s)

    First adventure game not intended for preschoolers: Police Quest I (didn't own) (1995)

    First educational game: Reader Rabbit...? (1994)

    First racing game: Wacky Wheels (trial version) (1997)

    First puzzle game: A Tetris clone which I believe was called Blocks (didn't own) (1996)

    First sports game: Microsoft Golf (trial version) (1996)

    First classic arcade game: We had a bunch at once and I don't know which I played first, but Tempest was my favourite. (1996?)

    First fighting game: Super Smash Bros Melee. (2003)

    First turn based strategy: Imperialism (1997?)

    First real time strategy: Age of Empires (Late 90s)

    First rhythm game: The earliest I can think of is Guitar Hero World Tour. All right then. (2009)

    First card game: Solitaire (1996)

    First quiz game: Mindmaze (1996)

    First 3rd person shooter: Either Jazz Jackrabbit or Commander Keen. Or Duke Nukem 2. They were all at the after school care I attended, but I owned the trial versions later on (1995)

    First 3D 3rd person shooter: Either the trial version of Tomb Raider, or Hellbender. (1997)

    First free Internet game: Yeerk Pool. (1999)

    First fan game: BKPC (1999)

    First simulation: Flight Simulator (1996)

    First game ever: Either Nibbles or Gorillas, because those were the only two we had (1993?)

    First game completed (excluding trial versions): The Neverhood, probably. (1998)

    First game to terrify me: Hellbender (1997)

    First game I picked out myself: Treasure Mountain. (1998)

    First game to want desperately: Police Quest (1995)

    First game to want desperately that I received: Banjo-Kazooie (1999)

    First game to read a walkthrough for because I wanted to play it but didn't own it: Tomb Raider. Digimon World 1 and Earthbound are other notable examples (1997? others were 2001 and 2003)

    First game preordered: SBCG4AP (2008)

    First game bought on eBay: Sam & Max Hit the Road (2009?)

    First game bought on release date: Spore (2008)

    First game bought that I had previously pirated: Chrono Trigger. Note that there was no way to get it legally in Australia before the DS remake was released (first played in 2004, bought in 2009)
  • I can't remember specifics, but I do believe Paper Mario was the first Turn-Based game I really played for more than five minutes.

    It's my favorite game ever. :D
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