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Character Battle #1 - Winslow Vs. Mr. Cheese

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Just to try and liven up the forums a little, each week I will try to post a character battle thread. The idea is simple, each week I will give you two (or three, at times) characters to choose from and you must select which one you think deserves to win the character battle. They won't always be Monkey Island characters, or even video game characters for that matter. But for this week it's both as it's between Mr. Ignatius Cheese and Reginald Van Winslow.

Mr. Ignatius Cheese

Home Island: Mêlée Island
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Skin Colour: White
Number of Peglegs: Two

Despite his ridiculous surname, Mr. Cheese is known and respected for a number of things - being the proud owner of the infamous Scumm Bar, his mastery of Insult Arm Wrestling, and his excellence and skills in navigation. Though only appearing in the first act of Escape from Monkey Island, Mr. Cheese played a hug role in Guybrush's victory over Pegnose Pete, Ozzie Mandrill and LeChuck - mainly by repairing the ship, The Dainty Lady, and sailing her through the shores of Lucre, Jambalaya and Mêlée Island to ensure Threepwood safe passage to each location. He also use his brilliance in Insult Arm Wrestling alone to fend off Ozzie Mandrill from taking over the Scumm Bar, until it was... er.... stolen from him while he was off with Threepwood and then converted into the colourful, friendly, happy, Hawaiian, Lua Bar.

During his conversation with Guybrush, Ignatius revealed that the Cheese family had a long and noble history and told of some of his relatives and ancestors:

- Blue Cheese - Ignatius' brother, writes depressing country music.
- Jack Cheese - Ignatius' Uncle who revolutionised the Carriage Trade.
- Swiss Cheese - Ignatius' great-uncle who remained neutral in all conflicts.
- Gorgon Zola Cheese - Ignatius' great-great-great-aunt. Famous for being so ugly that men would turn to stone at the very sight of her.

- Owner and manager of the Scumm Bar on Mêlée Island
- Successfully navigating the treacherous shores of Lucre Island
- A temporary member of Guybrush Threepwood's crew alongside Carla and Otis (and surviving)
- Mastery of Insult Arm Wrestling
- Not voting for Charles L. Charles

Memorable Quote:
Guybrush, "so your names cheese?"; I,Cheese, "I(aye)."; Guybrush, "cheese?"; I,cheese, "I(aye)."

Reginald Van Winslow

Home Island: Flotsam Island
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Skin Colour: Brown
Number of Peglegs: None

Reginald Van Winslow first appeared in the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island - "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal" - where he was the proud captain of Flotsam's only ship/junkpile - The Screaming Narwhal. When "knocked off" the ship by Guybrush Threepwood, he must concede his captaincy to Threepwood and decides to join Guybrush on his journey as his loyal First Mate. Winslow accompanies Threepwood aboard the Screaming Narwhal for the first three Chapters of Tales of Monkey Island - sailing away from Flotsam for what is the first time in years for Winslow, to the Rock of Gelato through Spinner Cay (the epicenter of the Jerkbait Islands), and through (yes, through - as in, inside) a giant Manatee - all on Guybrush's quest to first find Elaine and then Coronado de Cava and eventually La Esponja Grande to cure the Gulf of Melange of the Pox of LeChuck. It is in Spinner Cay that Winslow reveals, not only his love, but his obsession for maps and map-pointing.

Winslow falls badly ill from the Pox of LeChuck and is not seen in the fourth episode, but returns to assist Threepwood in the final chapter in defeating LeChuck - which is carried out successfully by Guybrush, Morgan LeFlay and Elaine.


- A current member of Guybrush Threepwood's crew
- Former captain of the Screaming Narwhal
- The invention of the term "map-pointing"
- Capturing the heart of the mermaid Anemone
- Assisting Threepwood in the defeat of LeChuck
- Accomplished Haiku writer
- Surviving being swallowed by a giant Manatee

Memorable Quote:
"The... eh, map, Sir."
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