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ATI Radeon Problem

posted by bashar on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
Dear Telltale,

I have started noticing lower performance since episode 3 if I'm not mistaken. Performance was low, even though my PC is powerful enough to run many action/adventure games. Adventure games are normally easier to run. The bigger problem is my computer started restarting every few minutes, the problem became general Windows issues until I updated to the latest driver. The problem now remains with Sam & Max ep 4, computer restarts after only few minutes into the game. I still did not finish it and ep 5 is coming! I have tried other adventure game like Syberia and did not have any problems. I noticed the same performance and windows restart problems with Ankh however. Looking at how the game is made I can assume Telltale engine was used in it, and it's giving similar behavior. Am I right in my assumption?

My graphics card is ATI Radeon X600 Pro. I understand all the hard effort you put into fixing problems, but the engine seems to be facing serious issues with many graphics cards, and like this I can't think about buying any game I am still stuck with ep 4.
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  • Emily;25814 said:
    You might try the third party drivers at -- they seem to work well for a lot of our customers.
    I think you might mean Emily.
  • Indeed I do. I suck. :(
  • Don't be so hard on yourself!

    I do the same with all the time! ;)
  • Sorry all I'm late, Emily, no adventure fan really sucks, and especially you. I just felt insulted my self when I read ur post.

    [I do the same with all the time! ]
    If I dont bookmark it, i would never find it again. Not a smart name to be honest.

    I tried all the suggestions, found new driver AGAIN from ATI, downloaded it using MSFT Update, same problem. I tried OmegaDrive as well, I felt happy for few minutes before I saw the PC has restarted again. So we're still where we started :(
  • Are you playing on low res or high res?

    Low res + 800x600 + Omega drivers helped me a lot.

    Also is it windowed or full screen?

    I seemed that if clicked outside to so something else while in windowed mode is started to hurt performance...

    You might also want to shut down your other programs and see if that helps...

    Good luck :P
  • Thanks Ashare. It is lowest resolution, full screen, and even the game is idle. So without doing anything it goes restarting. I go to the extent of disabling my anti-virus for the sake of the game and still suffer!

    It seems the game is resource intensive causing over-heat problems, as I did not have those issues with other games.
  • There come episode 5 and I am still stuck with ep4 hanging problem. Ohh well, no more sam & max for me. Just my luck, and another reason to get more jobs done.
  • Sorry, bashar. I'm not sure what else to suggest. :(

    I can get you a refund for the games that aren't working, if you want.

    EDIT: theundergroundhero, glad that fixed it for you! Let us know how it goes with ep2.
  • Emily: That's why I like you guys, not trying to sell us out for some cheap bucks. but no thanks. I appreciate your offer. I will keep legal license just in case I manage to run it someday. After all, how much is it I mean?

    Really thanks to you and all who tried to help. I hope you just take it as a point, if the card overheats and restarts the PC, probably your game is a bit resource intensive. An issue better addressed now before it's too late.

    Thanks again. Hope I read 5 star reviews for episode 5 as well :)
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