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Tales of Monkey Island mini-game.

posted by Griswald Goodsoup on - last edited - Viewed by 274 users
Call it a mini-game*or whatever.
But seeing as how TOMI is perpetually the most wondrous revival EVER, and there WILL be a season II, what will the "mini-game" (like the treasure hunt) be if we are going to see diverse rich locations?

Some have already suggested spin-offs of the series and that is a definite NO!
But perhaps a suggested mini-episode where one plays as Morgan for the sake of uncovering a little more of the character, much like the treasure hunt. And I know the inexorable effort that would have to go into that whilst parallel game designing, but what an epic that would be!

I don't know, what kind of mini-game do you suggest for the upcoming sequel?

*just to clarify, I do mean the mini-game as selected from the launch menu, the one where you aimlessly run about flotsam hunting for treasure (separate to the storyline).
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