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Hit the Road: Does the end make any sense?

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SPOILER ALERT for Sam & Max: Hit the Road!
Okay, now that's out of the way so I don't need spoiler tags.

(fyi, I'm not hating on the game, I'm just nitpicking at something that makes no sense. I liked the game. Really.)

So, can anyone who has beaten Hit the Road tell me why spontaneously growing redwood trees all throughout the western United States will help the bigfoots? They're still going to be treated like circus attractions, and they function the same as any other people in modern civilization so therefore would have little need to live in the trees. For example Bruno is going to Vegas to get married, which is hardly out in the sticks, you know.

Sure, it's a happy ending for Bruno and Trixie... and also for Max because he loves random destruction, but how is it a happy ending for the rest of the bigfoots? As far as I can tell, solving the totems didn't seem to help at all.
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  • I think the destruction of their natural habitat magically killing the bigfoots is a joke or a satire or something, but there's no indication that they have to live like modern humans and wouldn't be equally happy or happier living in the wilderness. I also don't think they talk about living up trees; they need them to hide behind.

    I haven't played the game in a while though, so I can't remember exactly.
  • I think that ending was hilariously stupid - and this is a thing I love about the Sam&Max universe. Did the destruction of the western part of the USA help the bigfoots? Well, who cares? :D
  • If you want your games to make sense, Sam & Max might not be for you...
  • But it does make sense...Bigfoots were in danger cause man was destroying nature. The totems bring balance again, growing woods everywhere, and now nature destroy civilization.

    Its like a sick ecological message.
  • It's Sam&Max... It's supposed to be insane non-sense comedy! :D
  • When you talk to Bruno in front of the hot tub, he specifically says that the reason the Bigfoots are endangered is that there aren't enough trees. Without trees to hide behind, they're easily hunted down.

    That whole conversation is one of my favorites from HTR.
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    ttg_Stemmle Telltale Alumni
    Does the end of HtR make any sense?

    If it does, then Sean 'n' I drank a whole lotta beer for nothing...

    Although, come to think of it, beer is kinda its own reward...

    Mike "Enough with the Tearjerking, on with the Yukyanking" Stemmle
  • It makes sense in it's own twisted way. Sam & Max' logic isn't the same logic which you would apply in the real life. I did find the ending of Hit the Road quite amusing.
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