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Chapter 4 Completed Thread - Spoiler Alert

posted by ElWaster on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
erm... simply put, wow!

What an awesome ending...:eek:

TellTale - I just want to say - THANK YOU! This has been the most enjoyable episode so far. I can't wait for the final one.
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  • Irishmile;219319 said:
    I really doubt we will control anyone other than Guybrush
    But we already did - remember the Voodoo lady in episode 3? ;)
  • There are limitless possibilities with the death of Guyrbrush. First of all since every episode has featured recurring Monkey island themes like Murray, Stan, holding breath for 10 mins and lots more, it's my guess we'll return to Monkey Island (of course) next chapter.

    I think we'll have to escape out of hell ending up on the isle.

    Controlling Elaine looks doubtful to me: after all it was still Guybrush piloting the Voodoo Lady.

    Having said that, I think Telltale have created a great story worthy of the series.
  • The shocking revelation was that De Singe is actually North African, not French!
  • apenpaap;219201 said:
    Well, she has a bit of a history with hypocrisy. Remember MI2 where she took credit for killing LeChuck?
    Only the Voodoo Lady did that, to my knowledge
    Byakko;218334 said:
    Personally, I wouldn't mind playing as Elaine, at least in the front part of the last chapter until invariable GB gets back.

    I know what I'd be doing if I posessed her :D
  • PainDealer;219710 said:
    The shocking revelation was that De Singe is actually North African, not French!
    Nah he is from Quebec
    tbm1986;220243 said:

    I know what I'd be doing if I posessed her :D
    Playing Monkey Island?
  • On cleaner thoughts for the chapter past and the one ahead...

    Mike Stemmle stated in an interview for a magazine recently when talking about ch5 (anyone have a link? I only saw the snapshot in the wallpaper thread) that it would be taking place (at least in part) in the Land Of The Undead.

    So one possibility is this is beyond Big Whoop, so he could go through the wrong way and into Monkey Island (no prizes for guessing where LeChuck will be taking Elaine).

    Also, it's possible LeChuck really had relented, having been freed of the Voodoo Lady's curse (remember how she reacted when you told her in ch1 he was human now, plus she couldn't track him now?). This would mean she re-hexed him while in jail.

    As to the thought she's a pawn too ("I felt...liberated."), maybe the monkeys really are behind everything (which echoes Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy for me).

    Morgan's killer? Really dead? etc.
    If it were herself, she would have either done it in the street or in the water (besides, the room had been trashed). DeSinge was my first thought, but he ran like a girl at the sight of blood, he confessed. Jacques? She'd have warned Guybrush to get out if it were him. His bretheren? Possibly (even probably). Elaine? Doubtful, seeing as she was seen heading into the jungle before that. Nobody else on the island would have been anywhere near capable of beating her in a swordfight, I feel.

    Feelings on ch4
    Excellent, beyond words.

    Feelings on ch5
    It'll probably be cheesy, Sam & Max cheesy. I'm still looking forward to it, but I doubt they can beat ch4 for me.
  • Irishmile;220250 said:

    [QUOTE=tbm1986;220243]I know what I'd be doing if I posessed her :D
    Playing Monkey Island?[/QUOTE]

    Let's just say that Guybrush jiggling the Voodoo Lady's boobs was mild
  • Only the Voodoo Lady did that, to my knowledge
    The woman in the LeChuck suit who keeps you out if you have no invitation says she says she destroyed him.
  • Well, I've nothing more to add than was said before in this thread, but I just wanted to give my 2 cents. :D

    - Thanks Telltale for one of the best episodes of TOMI!!

    - Wonderful job of getting Earl Boen back!!!!! Thanks!

    - I really loved Elaine's larger role in this game.

    - I also was sucked right into the climatic ending of this chapter. LeChuck killing Guybrush: I didn't see that coming! Elaine's reaction was so awesome, I hoped to see she cut LeChuck into a thousand pieces, but than we didn't have a chapter 5. :p

    - hope Elaine plays an even bigger role in Chapter 5 and kicks some butt!

    It would be nice if you can play Elaine in the first part of Chapter 5. But I'm just dreaming and hope to see if Telltale will make some of this wishes come true. But then again... will just have to wait! And I can't wait!! :D
  • MarcoPollo;216984 said:
    I liked the use of the word 'embiggen' on the sponge recipe.

    And, maybe I need to turn off my computer and go to sleep on this one, but the background music around the giant wind instrument statue reminded me of the music to World of Goo. I think.

    I also liked Guybrush's mental train of thought after seeing Morgan LeFlay's body- 15 seconds later: "Ooh! Severed legs! I think I'll take a batch of them!"
    I just searched the entire forum and this is the only place I found somebody reference "embiggen"! Was it a reference to the Simpsons...?
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