What do you think of about the media?

Do you think it's trustworthy?

Do you think it's even accurate?

What are your thoughts?

Well like with everything, I think that you need to take what you hear in the news, and read in the newspapers, with a grain of salt.

Don't just believe every single thing that you here, but research it to the best of your ability, and see how it Stacks up against other sources.

Don't just take it at face value, because it's coming from say Fox News, or MSNBC, or etc. Look into it in your spare time, if you have any, check it against other sources, and see what you can find.

Now mind you, different sources are going to tell you different stories. And even if the whole thing is a lie, just remember that every lie is based on a seed of truth.

And if you look hard, you will begin to see similarities running through each version of a story. And that is what will help to determine what the truth really is.


  • Media's rigged. All of it.

  • It's the media, their job is to basically twist everything, nothings completely true or missing key facts.

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    The press Trusthworthy? Bwuahaha

    Any institute which is privately owned and survives mostly off of ad revenue and sales will, and never will not be, bias. Heck the USA was founded on Miss Information being presented by the Press. lol

    I hate newspapermen. They come into camp and pick up their camp rumors and print them as facts. I regard them as spies, which, in truth, they are. William Tecumseh Sherman

  • It's such a vague, ubiquitous term, so usually anyone talking about it is more talking about themselves and how they perceive the world around them.

    People love claiming the media is against them and whatever they believe in, yet will have sources of information they deem acceptable (usually because these sources happen to agree with them) or are just outright ignorant if lacking a source of outside information.

    It's intellectually healthy to challenge your assumptions and question your beliefs, but people tend to naturally seek information confirming otherwise. One thing that's nice about contemporary media is that there is huge diversity. If you want left/right political rags, both are readily available. If you want content that's fair, or at least more neutral in it's information dissemination, that's out there, too. That's great, but a downside is that people tend to wrap themselves in echo chambers, only ever confirming what they think they know already and exclusively getting information they already know. These people become stuck in their own little world, and it happens all too often on both sides of the fence.

    Me, I have no fear diving into the belly of the beast and seeking out information that challenges me. I will keep finding information and will confirm things as best I can before moving on. I evolve my media access over time and am always seeking out new content in a never ending quest to find the new and different. I recommend this. You tend to find yourself being wrong less often, and considered in certain matters. It also firms up beliefs that might be controversial, but which have the most evidence behind them.

    One thing I think the media does too often is opt for a false equivalency. Sometimes, there are two sides to a debate that both have merit. Other times, well, sometimes, things are so obviously true that the other side of the debate is a bit of a joke.

  • I presume we are talking mainstream/big media, so that is what I'm commenting on. I also live in the States so that also has an influence on my perspective.

    The media is first and foremost a business. Their primary interest is generating profit, and which is tied to viewership/readership. If there is one thing it's 'rigged' toward, it's getting consumers interested and to stay interested in what they report on, and thus make bank on subscriptions and advertising. This is why the media loves Trump and he enjoys all the free press he wants (which has been double-edged sword for him). For good or ill, he draws attention. He sells.

    And that is the root of it. It’s not about necessarily what is true, but what sells. To be fair, that's not always mutually exclusive. However, it does shape the priority and emphasis certain stories and certain types of stories receive over others.

    Adding to it is that the media has learned - based on general consumer habits - that viewers/readers overall prefer editorial journalism-- that is, reporting based on opinion, often at the expense of educating the consumer. And not just any kind of opinion, but opinion that makes the target consumer feel good by reaffirming their beliefs. These echo chambers are perfect for capturing a target audience to sell stuff to.

    The media has also learned that people are easily bored, and an easy way to remedy that is to tap into the morbidly fascinating (i.e. the ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ saying). But you know, not too much. Again, the media wants consumers to click that link or pick up that magazine, not shy away.

    I do think that at its best and most ideal, journalism acts as the conscience for a society. It should sift through the noise and the BS to deliver an evidence-based picture of reality to the public. And yes, there are pockets of programming and print that still do excellent reporting. But by and large, mainstream journalism isn’t always interested in reality, and granted, that’s largely a reflection of its consumers.

  • It sucks. All of it.

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    I think the media, particularly the USA mainstream media, is sometimes trustworthy and accurate and other times is not. Usually when it comes to politics, information can become biased or misleading. That's why I seek out all kinds of media so the truth can be formed.

  • If your biases happen to coincide with the media's biases, it's not so bad, otherwise...

    enter image description here

    I tend to read whatever's at my disposal but never forget these people are professional liars who care more about furthering their agendas and generating ad revenue, than informing their readership. As the line goes: "The fourth estate has become a fifth column."

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    Media is corrupt, biased and often times can misinform the masses but rarely do they ever seem to apologize for any of that. Although, there are certain platforms where media is more flexible and there are those journalists that strive to dig up the truth - the thing is that sometimes, like in Journalism, it could be risky to take an objective stance on certain subjects etc.

  • Well it all depends on which media outlet you're getting your information from. Of course whoever on here says "All of them suck! Everything is rigged! Trust no one!" is gonna get all them likes. I'm currently going for a diploma in Mass Media and Communication here in Melbourne and I've been exposed to some really god awful journalism and some really good journalism. It just depends on who you choose to trust.

  • Hmm. I don't use Any Social Medias apps that much but i'd say not everything in there is true. And I just hate it when people use Twitter or facebook so much and just don't give a fuck about anything. Just ignorance..

  • They are idiots and I hate them

    Media's rigged. All of it.

  • Most of them are biased, and the one's that aren't are not nearly as popular enough.

  • Watch the film "They Live." I bet you'd enjoy it.

  • Media is great. We need more.

    The more variations we hear on a story, the more truth we sift out of it.

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    They're not even trying anymore, are they? Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

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