Just a question about 4th TOMI


Well in fact I am nearing an end of this episode of Tales of Monkey Island but I was just wondering about one thing:

I acquired like Manatee grease, Wax and Molten Glass and put them into little glasses in which Volcano dink is served but it seems these items didn't have any purpose (to use) in the game. Is this just a way of programmers of TOMI to confuse us or I could in fact use these items somewhere?



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    They're all for recreating Krebbs's burn on the leg lamp. You can mix all kinds of colors and images with them.

    If you didn't use them, something's wrong, because you need to use the molten glass to get the lamp in the first place, and the wax is one of the two colors to mix.

    The grease is actually oil (from the leaking lamp outside Club 41, right?) and is indeed not needed and only adds another color choice to the puzzle.
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    OK, as I said - I use some, but not all of them. :)

    Thanks on answer.
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    Of course you don't use all of them. I think these are bottomless glasses or something, since it might take a while to come up with the correct pattern, and it would be bad game design (imo) if you had to go fill them up again every time. This does mean you carry them around for the remainder of the episode, but that doesn't mean there's some hidden use for them still.

    You're welcome!
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    Actually, all of them are removed from your inventory after the puzzle is done and you are no longer a suspect on that particular case (well, it was with me).
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    I think these are bottomless glasses or something...

    "Would you like some lemonade?
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    Mike Stemmle intended originally for the burn to be randomly generated rather than purple skull n crossbones every time. That would have been a better choice, I think.

    Source: the narrative on the DVD.
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