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Tales for PS3

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PC-Users can play TOMI, Wii-Users and Mac-Users, also.

So what about X-Box 360 und PS3 - Users?

Are there any plans to release a TOMI-Version for the PS3?

Unfortenately, thats the only platform i got at home. ^^

Think that would be awesome. I still have the PS2-Version of Escape from Monkey Island. Now i want to play Monkey Island on my PS3 also.

Any more people, sharing this wish?
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  • Why Sony insist on only putting rubbish PS1 games on I really don't know. There are so many greats they haven't included (in the EU at least) yet - Die Hard Trilogy, Theme Park World, Resident Evil 1+2, Discworld, Destruction Derby 2, GTA1+2... there are more, my mind just isn't working right now.
  • thin029;261942 said:
    and there isn't any difference between them at all, both are very messy and lack good stuff.
    Lies! EU PSN and US PSN are arranged quite differently, the US PSN makes sense, if I want a Demo, I choose Demo, if I want to browse Add On Content, I choose Add On, if I want to find a game with Trophies, I can do that. EU PSN just has Latest and throws everything to that and the rest of the categories might as well not exist as they don't add much.

    Also, the PS3 is doing rather well now, last year was brilliant for the PS3, I got a string of great games in a matter of months, Arkham Asylum, Assassins Creed II and Uncharted 2, two games that have more content on the PS3 version and one game that's an exclusive. :)

    As for Sales, the PS3 is doing well in Japan, yes, and it's doing well in Europe, only the US where the 360 has it beat.
  • The PSNs can be arrenged differently, but their structures are the same.
    So since Telltale is an US company, you can keep dreaming Tales is going to be on PSN forever. Assassin's Creed exclusive content is about the PSP (duh) and PS3 owners can't even download the GTA episodes. I have both Uncharted games, and I love them, they're actually the only games that made my PS3 purchase worth it. I'm not stating the PS3 is not a good console, I'm saying PSN is crap compared to all other competing online services, just get over it.
  • Sorry to break it to you, but you do sound like a fanboy.

    The PSN isn't bad if you only consider downloads themselves. Sure it doesn't have the extensive library of XBLA, but does that make PSN sucky? I think not. At least you can download games, and isn't that the only thing that matters? I mean, what else do you need from a DLC service? It's not like Steam is any better, oftentimes it lists DLC in the same search as regular games, not to mention demos also get displayed in that list.

    And I think you should really do your research. The only reason GTA DLC wasn't coming to PSN was due to the exclusive deal made trough Microsoft, who actually paid money for this exclusive deal. Same went for Fallout 3, and after the exclusive deal expired, DLC actually came for PS3.
  • thin029;261973 said:
    and PS3 owners can't even download the GTA episodes

    Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City is a standalone compilation of the DLC episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV, containing both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony on one disc.[1] It was released alongside the DLC release of The Ballad of Gay Tony on 29 October 2009 for the Xbox 360 and will be released on 30 March 2010 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3.

    PSN is better than Wiiware, I've used both. Wiiware has annoying size limitations, and the virtual console titles are overpriced by a huge margin, I mean most games are 1000 wii points, and that's $19. $19 for a game from the 90's is ridiculous.

    I've used PSN, it's been really good for me. I mostly used it for the PixelJunk games, PixelJunk Shooter was a surprisingly fantastic game. It was all about fluid physics and manipulation water and lava, I absolutely loved it.
  • Although to be brutally honest, Steam pwns all the other online services. It has more sales and allows you to use it across multiple computers. It's WAAAAY better than PSN, Wiiware and XBLA. They're not even comparable.
  • Wow, did this thread ever get side-tracked.

    thin029, can you please avoid posing inflammatory and polarizing statements about your product preferences, regardless of how strongly you feel about them, its really not constructive to this particular discussion.

    The whole point of this discussion was to voice an interest to get ToMI on more platforms, which I fully support as I feel ToMI isn't as widely known as it deserves to be.

    I don't see any significant hurdle with getting ToMI on XBL since the 360 architecture is very similar to the PC one, resulting in a fairly small porting process. I imagine that the only reason it hasn't happened so far is because Telltale Games doesn't feel the audience would be large enough (sales wouldn't cover the cost of porting). I think this is a chance for people to voice their interest in such a port.

    As for the PSN, the porting process would be more involved given the complex architecture of the PS3. I'm not certain if there are any inexpensive programs / outsourcers which would perform the task for Telltale Games at a reasonable cost but I guess they would know for sure.

    If any Telltale Games representatives read this, could you please let us lowly, grogg-drinking fans know of the prospect of having ToMI on XBL or PSN. Yarrrr....
  • Fury;262031 said:
    What part of the DOWNLOAD you did not understand. As I said before, PS3 is a great console, but PSN is NOT a great online service. Period
    FURY;262031 said:
    Wiiware has annoying size limitations blah blah blah
    WiiWare has its own path to follow, since it's on a limited system with limited memory. As for PSN, it's just an Xbox Live Wanna-be which clearly won't make it. And 1000 wii points are actually $10, just saying.
    GaryCXJk;262025 said:
    does that make PSN sucky? I think not.
    I think yes.
  • thin029;261973 said:
    just get over it.
    What exactly should I get over? I'm just defending the PSN because you're hating on it, if you were bashing Live, I'd defend it because you're hating, same for PC Gaming, etc. All services have their good and bad points, Live benefits from user paying to access the service.

    WiiWare is rubbish though, I know the Wii has the market top hand but I still can't believe TellTale wasted their time to do a shoddy port for the Wii when they could of done it for Xbox or PS3 instead.

    edit: As for GTA, they're being released for Download too, the updated versions off the EFLC Disc, so that makes the Windows Live and PSN versions better than the Xbox Live versions, which is understandable since they came out much later.
  • I thought that they would port to PS3 long before they would port to Mac. Either way, recent events suggest that the odds of Telltale porting the TTT to PS3 is very high.

    What I want to know is: Is the Mac TTT a polished Wii TTT, or has it been built from scratch.

    Oh, and ignore thin029, please. He is a blatant fanboy and should be treated as such.
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