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Mac: How to copy saved games from Windows

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If you're like me, you might still be in the middle of playing ToMI when the Mac release came out, and want to transfer your in-progress games from Windows to MacOS. Or just copy them for any reason.

If so, you seem to be able to copy the Save Game files from/to these locations:

Windows: \My Documents\Telltale Games\
Mac: /Library/Telltale Games/

For example, on Windows, the directory might be C:\Documents and Settings\Cacafuego\Telltale Games\Launch of the Leviathan\ , and in MacOS, it may be /Users/Cacafuego/Library/Telltale Games/MonkeyIsland101.

Note that the Game directory name on Mac depends on the name of the Game application on your system. If you renamed "" to "TOMI - Launch of the Leviathan", thn the saved game directory will be named differently as well

Just copy all of the files (not just *.save) from one directory to another.

Note - you may experience some graphics glitches after doing this, as your graphics settings from Windows will be preserved as well. In most cases the problem should go away if you simply open settings inside the game and re-apply graphics settings. However, this has not been heavily tested, and you may experience any number of different issues (including possibly a system crash, though there have been no reports of that yet).

If changing the graphics settings doesn't work, or can't be done, then delete the "prefs.prop" file that you copied. This will reset settings, and will be recreated next time you start the game. However, this will reset the names, dates, and descriptions of all your saved games as well (though the saved games will work, and any NEW saved games will have all the right info).
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  • I'm pretty sure that the reason the save games transfer over easily would be use of a Cider wrapper. It's essentially an implementation of the windows API to allow the game to run.
  • jweir;262300 said:
    I'm pretty sure that the reason the save games transfer over easily would be use of a Cider wrapper. It's essentially an implementation of the windows API to allow the game to run.
    No, this has been covered in a number of different threads. They're not using Cider. It's a native port.

    And before I even read those threads, I checked out the apps looking to see if they used Cider or some other Wine/Cedega/Crossover stuff. They're not.

    But just because they're not just using the Windows executable doesn't mean that the saved game format has to CHANGE between platforms =) I assume they don't want to change anything at all unless they have to!
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Ripcord;262299 said:

    [*]The descriptions of the saved games are incorrect - or at least, they're "default". The "date", "location", and full description are either "Unknown" or just the default.
    [*]They don't seem to be necessarily listed in the same ORDER. The game in the right-most slot is not necessarily the newest one.
    Thanks for your post. I don't own a Mac, but it's good to have a tutorial to refer to if someone asks.
    The descriptions and savegame positions seem to be stored in the prefs.prop. If you remove it on the PC they are gone too.
  • Hmm, you're right. If I copy the prefs.prop file, the dates, names, descriptions are all preserved.

    I guess it's a toss-up then on copying that file. But for me, copying that file means some really WEIRD video behaviors when I start the game, depending on what my graphics settings in Windows were. But then I can just re-apply my graphics settings, and everything's okay.

    I'll play around with it a little more, and wait for some more feedback - then I'll edit the original message to reflect all this.
  • Thanks Ripcord, putting up that info was the first thing I'd planned to do this morning but you beat me to it :) Just a note/disclaimer: Though we have done this here during testing, it has not been thoroughly tested and, as such, we can't guarantee that it'll work perfectly. I know that it will likely require changing your graphics settings once you load but we don't know if it has any undesired effects further on in gameplay.
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  • Thanks. I updated the description as well.
  • This confused me due to wrong location
    Mac Users..

    Library > Application Support > TelltaleGames >Monkey Island 10*>

    Transfer your saved games in there.
  • Monkey Man is currently correct, but in the first version of the game that was released, ripcord was correct. We changed it to match standard operating procedure for the Mac.
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