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I kept notes as I played through the episodes. Here are the notes for Launch of the Screaming Narwhal. I feel like each episode's notes should be in separate posts, so I'll post the rest later.

These are the only ones I did on a computer. The rest I wrote out longhand. Surprisingly this doesn't seem to have cut down too much on my use of emoticons. Also, I enjoyed the whole episode. The criticism is just there because I like to criticise things.

It's finally working! : D

But I still have to reduce the graphics down to three. You're hurting my computer hardware's self esteem...

What's with LeChuck's beard? It's got green glowies in it.

Guybrush! <3 <3 <3

I love the facial expressions. I hope Sam & Max season 3 has facial expressions that good.

So, so far the controls aren't ruining the game for me. I think I'll use the keyboard controls, but it's funny to see the ring around Guybrush. Looks like a hula hoop. <i>(I continued to use the keyboard controls for the rest of the series)

Guybrush has a decade's worth of pirate booty? He's going to lose it after the opening scene.

Secret of Monkey Island reference! Yay!

I should probably stop writing in this every time I have a thought.

I wasn't really expecting using the breath mints on the root beer to work. I think it's because I forgot that you can't making something fizzy by shaking it up.

The graphics remind me of Banjo-Kazooie, for some reason. Weird.

I had to turn the hints on before I finally got Guybrush's glowing sword of hot monkey vengence. I'm sure he didn't mention the roots on the plant when I clicked on it before.

Hooray for the Monkey Island theme!

Why does that guy (Davey Nipperkin) sound like Harry Moleman from Sam & Max. It's slightly disturbing. (Same voice actor, I know, and I knew it when I wrote that)

I guess Nipperkin doesn't sound too much like Harry. It's still kind of distracting, though. And I like the game's story so far thing in the save files. Very helpful for when you haven't played the game in a while

I love this music! It's so Monkey Island-ish.

An exclusive club they won't let Guybrush enter, a member who lost his membership card... I think I played this game last month when it was called Curse of Monkey Island.

And I'm beginning to suspect that every door will be locked until I can talk to the voodoo lady about this game's voodoo curse. Again, I've never played a game where I can say that before. (Turns out I was wrong anyway) Also, I think some jokes went over my head during the glass blower conversation. Or did they just want to say YouTube in a pirate setting? Without talking about digital piracy?

"Some guy in a plaid jacket with waving arms" ... STAN! (after consulting the walkthrough) I didn't try using the flowers as a nose? I was sure I'd tried everything except the papers.

I think I've figured out what to use this game's skeleton arm, the U tube, with.

"Sacre merde"... I believe that translates directly to "holy shit". I bet it's not a real French swear, though.

Wait, that's not the end of the game? I guess there's an endgame puzzle as well.

Okay, game beaten. I bet the LeChuck/Elaine thing was a sitcom-like misunderstanding, and I think the woman who attacks Guybrush is Morgan le Flay. Guybrush assumes Morgan is a male when Morgan le Fay from the Arthurian mythos was female, so I'm pretty sure he got it wrong. That's some sort of literary technique, but I can't remember what.

Next time: The Siege of Spinner Cay.
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  • apenpaap;262432 said:
    Rottingham does say Sacre Bleu though. And he is actually French.
    Oh, I didn't know that. I have only played the other games in French.
    ... If he's French, why does he have an English name?
  • Nice idea indeed! It gives you a flashback feel sort of thing, I love that. Gonna do it too when Tales 2 is out.
  • avistew;262447 said:
    Oh, I didn't know that. I have only played the other games in French.
    ... If he's French, why does he have an English name?
    Probably for the same reason Elaine is (probably) English, but has a French name.
  • and the reason Guybrush has a non-existant name and sounds American
  • apenpaap;262470 said:
    Probably for the same reason Elaine is (probably) English, but has a French name.
    Elaine isn't a French name. The French would be Hélène. And "Marley" is even less French.
  • Yeah, Elaine is an english name.

    Though other sources say it's Greek. But most places I check say english.
  • Remolay;262282 said:
    by taking notes you accurately predicted things...
    you WIN!
    I don't know... my predictions were kind of hit and miss...
    Scrawffler;262353 said:
    When I played the first chapter, I didn't remember anything about Guybrush thinking Morgan was male. I thought she was female all along not just because of Morgan LeFey, but because I went to school with a girl called Morgan. I always generally think of it as a girl's name. :P
    Me too! In fact, I think I run into the name Morgan used as a girl's name more often than a boy's name.

    I probably took the least notes for the Siege of Spinner Cay. I hadn't properly adjusted to writing out my notes longhand, and the chapter itself is pretty short.

    Ha! Mysterious woman really is a new character! Ha! (There'd been a thread where most people agreed that she was probably a character who'd appeared before. I don't think I posted in it, but I always thought she was new)

    This game is getting epic. EPIC.

    I love you, Guybrush.

    That library is going to be destroyed.

    Those merfolk have creepy eyelids

    I bet LeChuck's faking not being evil.

    Pirates in the 17th century Caribbean have apartments?

    That manatee should sing Sweet Manatee from Sam & Max. It wouldn't make any sense, but it'd be funny.

    LeChuck's there! :D

    I think LeChuck's still evil because I saw that picture of him throwing Guybrush off a cliff. But maybe that's misdirection like the hand thing! (head asplode) (A promo showed Guybrush with both hands intact when he's reunited with Elaine, but he already has a hook hand by that time in the game itself)

    Guybrush is definitely going to fall off that cliff, though. There's a dead end right below it.

    Stupid puzzles I can't solve.

    Are those two pirates the Monkey Island versions of those two pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean?

    LeChuck is the worst puzzle solver in the world.

    Who got stranded on a deserted island was stung to death by scorpians? When?

    When did Guybrush get buried alive? Apart from that time in Curse? And that other time in Curse?

    I'm stuck trying to get the stupid artifact out of the stupid artifact holder. I think I'll try the hints.

    Oh, you can make LeChuck do it! I thought since Guybrush refused to let him do it... This is like showing Edgeworth your badge in the first Phoenix Wright. Why not just have "I want to defend you" and "You do it" as dialogue options?

    Oh. LeChuck accidentally threw Guybrush off the cliff.

    Use the locket on the manatee (illegible scribbling) How was I supposed to figure that out??

    A Pirate I Was Meant To Be makes everything better, however.

    Guybrush dancing <3

    How is Guybrush breathing to say all that stuff? Are his lungs secretly a bag of Holding?

    Now even Elaine is LeChuck! Everyone's LeChuck!

    And I can't pick up the coals. Yay.

    Oh. I didn't pixel search at the bait shop. How silly of me.

    So he can pick the pan up, but not the coals.

    Poor Guybrush. If only he still had the PUSH command. <i>(I think I was talking the about puzzle where you have to make a mould of the turtle thing?)

    [i](After Guybrush lies to LeChuck about what Elaine says they should do) Guybrush what are you doing

    Perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything. (Not sure what I was talking about there)

    GAH. His eyeballs really are bleeding!

    Oh, I see now. Winslow saying to use the map is a running gag.

    Why is LeChuck's theme still playing? He's not there anymore. (This was on the beach, not in the jungle. I think)

    When did Guybrush carry a rubber tree in his pants? Early Curse? I know you chop one down.

    Best Yo Mama joke ever.

    Why is it I only get blatant hints when I've already figured out the solution?

    "I... like it when you point on the map." Um............. kay.

    "Don't put your lips on anything". That's some sort of LucasArts reference. I think.

    Morgan totally has a crush on Guybrush.

    Ah, so that's why the next chapter is called Lair of the Leviathan.

    Next time: Lair of the Leviathan
  • Still interesting! Can't wait to read the next one.
  • I had a dream I was playing Lair of the Leviathan a few nights ago. (I wrote this when the episode was released) Guybrush and Elaine were getting married on a boat, and at one point I respawned with three pets, who started to kill each other. Lord Vetinari was not impressed.

    But it was in a cave!

    Now let's see how that measures up to the actual game.

    More voodoo lady expository narration!

    The sea is a monster?

    And it's de Cava. This is the part from the gameplay video.

    Why can't I use my ring to de Cava to show that I'm married?

    That's not manatee anatomy. I don't think. (I don't know what I was talking about there)

    "It's disgusting but I'll put it in my pocket for no reason anyway." (That was a throat grub)

    (I believe this was after Guybrush suggested that he and Morgan pretend to be married, but I'm not certain) What. Guybrush, let me in your zany schemes beforehand in future, okay?

    Winslow needed a fake wife once? Now I'm pretty sure he's gay. Or bi. Or... Winslow.

    Aw, now Winslow's got the Pox! :D I think Winslow is my favourite character.

    Yay! Dialogue puzzle.

    De Cava is... pretty crazy.

    I bet his crew is still alive.

    SCUMM reference! Also, yes they're still alive.

    Okay, LeChuck's still evil and wants to keep Elaine away from Guybrush. Definitely. (I guess I changed my mind again, because LeChuck kept me guessing right up until the question was resolved)

    I can't remember what ichor is, but I'm pretty sure it's a bodily fluid. Yuck.

    Was that Murray I heard? He does like to speak without being clicked on.

    "Duck soup"?

    I hope Morgaon learns an important lesson: manipulating people into doing what you want and stealing their prized possessions in the process is just as mighty pirate-y as rushing in and killing them.

    What! DeSinge again? But he described science a concrete object. I love it when people do that.

    He said "The death is..." something. This looks like a job for Google Translate!

    Killed. Okay. cool!

    Guybrush is smiling at Murray.

    It's hot and reeks of colonge and kibble treats... It's dark and smells like marmalade... You characters used as inventory items are never happy.

    Murray! >:( You evil, backstabbing, recently embodied skull.

    If de Cava doesn't know that the crew is alive, where is he getting the ichor? He can't have been in the stomach.

    I guess I need to disguise the bile so de Cava will drink it.

    I think I'm onto trying everything with everything now. Stupid yellow bile.

    I think it's time for the walkthrough.

    (Upon noticing that the walkthrough wasn't up yet) Or at least the hints forum.

    De Cava takes off his monocle like Wally? I didn't notice. Wouldn't have thought of tricking Murray that way, either.

    Yay Winslow!

    You know, but my calculations, it wouldn't take decades to find ten thousand throat grubs. Even at a very generous one every half hour, eighteen hours a day, it'd be more like seven. And at a more realistic one every five minutes, it'd only take ten months. De Cava can clearly keep it up, and they're not that hard to find. though thta's still too long for Guybrush. And realistically there wouldn't be that many in the manatee. Okay, enough maths. Back to the game.

    He's poxing again. I notice they only do that when they're angry.

    (After escaping from the manatee) Yuck.

    Hey, a diving scene! I love it when Guybrush uses his unique skill.

    The underwater animations and sound effects have improved since Sam & Max Season 2.

    If I was Guybrush, I'd go up for air before I entered an underwater cave.

    Morgan mentioned a megalodon! My underwater Scribblenauts BFF! (I'd bought Scribblenauts a day or two before)

    I loved that almost kiss double meaning thing with Morgan. Oh Guybrush, you're so oblivious.


    I like Guybrush's greatest fear. (I didn't write it down because I didn't know that Guybrush's profile was randomised. According to a post I made after I finished the game, it was "zombie pirate beards or something", but I really don't remember) Also, when exactly was this file made?

    So Santino is kind of the Chuck Norris of Tales?

    Why am I carrying manatee laxative around with me?

    I guess I use this fish to re-enter the manatee? Just like Jabu Jabu!


    Oh, I use the seahorse. Close enough.

    The best puzzles are the ones where you try something cray and it actually works. But it's not ridiculously obscure. I think the fish-bongo puzzle achieved that.


    Yay, now I get to play as the Voodoo Lady! In the same way as when I got to play as Max in Night of the Raving Dead. Yay body swapping!

    I like otters too. They're cool little mammals.

    Nobody wants to irritate Nor Treblig. He's pretty ypmurg, or so he says in his blog.

    Can't stop laughing at De Singe's cusre on Guybrush.

    Oh voodoo lady, what a manly voice you have.

    I envy Guybrush's focus in learning.

    I love dialogue puzzles.

    Even if he hadn't become suspicious, how stupid would you have to be to yell about how you tricked someone while climbing onto a tiny boat that you know they're on?

    Morgan sounds like Lili from Psychonauts. I know the reason for it, but it's just really noticeable here.

    I have no idea how to sink the ship.

    Hey, Guybrush has an individual response for using the seahorse on the ship.

    Guybrush wouldn't be so cheerful if he knew what the next episode was called.

    Credits mockery! I love that!

    Next time: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood
  • Man, I loved reading all of those! I think I'll begin doing this for some games too. Do you make notes for other games as well?
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