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Next Monkey Island should be made by

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Telltale or LucasArts?
LucasArts for me, since Telltale's limited episode system means less scenarios and not-so-good soundtrack. (and sound quality)
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  • Haven't we had one of these recently?
    Where someone tried convincing me I shouldn't turn down LA just because they have no one left anymore, haven't produced anything "good" (If at all) in-house for the past few years and have no experience, and let them try to prove their first with MI6, to which I politely disagreed?

    TTG it is...
  • I'm also kinda stunned that anyone would think that Tales didn't have an epic soundtrack, I'm really hoping that we'll get a soundtrack CD with the DVD.

    And since Tales exceeded every single one of my expectations, at this point I'd be way more nervous about the series going back to LucasArts...
  • TellTale for me. Lucasarts has gone far downhill since Curse.
  • Yeah, the soundtrack was great, music, ambiance, and voice acting. Amazing voice acting.
  • i think lucasarts should make a monkey 2 special edition

    like they did with the first and release them both on a dvd
  • Didero;262396 said:
    You do realise that the last Monkey Island game LucasArts made is widely considered to be the worst of the series, right? Do you really want them to top that? :p
    emi wasnt that bad
  • thin029;262376 said:
    Telltale or LucasArts?
    LucasArts for me, since Telltale's limited episode system means less scenarios and not-so-good soundtrack. (and sound quality)
    Considering Sam and Max and Wallace and Gromit both had amazing fully instrumental soundtracks, while Tales and SBCG4AP decidedly did not, I'd say it's a lot more likely that the issue is with Wiiware(Note: Not the Wii hardware, the Wiiware content delivery system).

    Considering that Monkey Island's pedigree resides almost entirely outside of LucasArts, I have no idea how anyone could possibly think of LucasArts as anything more than just a name in terms of the Monkey Island franchise.
  • I think SBCG4AP was like that because It was like that on the site.
    I think they still do a bunch of music with an old Casio.

    I vote Telltale because it was a good storyline and (and I'm pretty sure most of us will agree) it was 200% better than Escape from Monkey Island
  • Sound quality of Telltale games is, since the middle of ToMI, ok. No need to be better at all.
    However, about the soundtrack, I agree about ToMI’s one not being so great. Sam&Max was a lot more interesting. I was disappointed of this part, because when I hear Sam&Max’s soundtrack and of course CoMI, I was hoping for something a lot more «*natural*». It’s plain synthetic and perfect in this one, there’s an evident lack of sensitive approach. However, it’s not that terrible. It’s just… ok, but next time, it could use some more texture in the sound, some more real instruments, more freedom.

    I don’t think LA will do any adventure game except reediting Lechuck’s Revenge. And it’s okay, TellTale is a dynamic company and they’re in constant progress :)
  • One thing that seems to be ignored here is that Michael Land composed the soundtracks to all five games. If that continues, will it even matter that much whether LucasArts or Telltale does it, as far as the soundtrack goes?
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