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Mac: More bugs and things

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A few more (pretty much all minor) bugs and issues:
  • When in Windowed mode, the "About" entry in the application menu says "About NSOpenGLFullScreen". Same with "Hide" and "Quit"
  • The key to enter fullscreen mode is CMD-Enter, but the keys to exit fullscreen mode are CMD-F. Should be the same.
  • If you quit the game using CMD-Q (while in windowed mode), the mouse cursor disappears and it's difficult to do anything with the "exit" window that comes up. The mouse cursor comes back if you switch to another app (and remains okay if you switch back to ToMI)
  • When you quit the game, a windowed version of the game screen stays open when the "exit" window comes up. If you accidentally click on the "windowed" game screen while in this state, the "exit" screen goes into the background and it may be difficult for people to find (which is necessary since you have to close this window to actually exit the app). The fact that a game screen stays open may itself be the bug - this doesn't happen in the Windows version.
  • Sooo dark! =) I just can't mention this enough - I can't believe no one else is complaining about this!!
  • Periodic performance issues when switching between windowed mode and full screen. Sometimes after switching, performance becomes unacceptably bad, even after switching back and forth some more. Problem goes away if I lower the quality level to "1"and raise it back to "9" - but only if I'm full-screen when I do it. This may be something special about my particular setup - I have a GeForce 8600M GT and OS X 10.6.2.
  • App simply hangs at startup if network is enabled but is unable to communicate with Telltale servers. This happens, for example, when I run and I'm VPNed to work. I believe this is a known issue.
  • If a saved game description is very long, then it appears OUTSIDE (under and/or above) the signpost as you scroll around. This might have been a bug in the Windows version too. I'm not sure.
  • The video card requirements probably should be more clear. Currently they say "Not Recommended For: Macs with integrated graphics". It probably won't be clear to a lot of people what "integrated graphics" means since most Macs have some sort of on-board GPU. The Mac Pros are the only models with separate graphics cards.

    It's also a little misleading - I'm assuming that not all of the "integrated graphics" GPUs are going to have a problem. Probably just the GMA 950? There's only a handful of models (3 tops) that would have problems, why not just list them out specifically?
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  • Gahhh - I meant to post this in Game Support. Could a mod either move the post or delete it?
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    Will BANNED
    Noted and documented across the board for future fixin'. Although the too dark thing is a little baffling to me. None of us internally have had any problems with it, and it seems to match pretty closely to the PC version. I'm wondering if a screenshot would help.
  • Yeah, since NO ONE seems to have this problem, maybe it's just me. But I have this problem with the default Mac OS color profile, and can't find a good profile that makes ToMI easy to see, but doesn't absolutely wash out the rest of the UI. Let me see if I can get some screenshots to work.
  • First time trying to post pictures - let's see if this works.

    My favorite is the last one ("toodark5"). That's the transition screen from menu to game - there's supposed to be TREES there! You can sort of see their outline as they zoom in and out of the screen.

    But like I said - I can compensate for the problem by messing with the Mac's color settings and gamma correction stuff, but I haven't been able to find a happy medium where the game is bright enough but the rest of the UI isn't too bright. I have to switch between color profiles every time I play a game.

    Since no one else is having this problem I'm definitely open to it being just me, but I'm not sure how. I'm using the default color profile ("Color LCD") and I don't do anything else "weird" with the screen. Brightness is all the way up =)

    System is a Macbook Pro 17" (Early 2008) with OS X 10.6.2.
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    Will BANNED
    Interesting. It does seem a little dark on yours, though obviously those environments were actually designed to be dark. What graphics quality setting are you playing on?
  • Yeah, I chose some "worst-case" examples just to show how bad it gets (i.e. unplayable). Though even in brightly lit areas it's pretty dark (though at least playable, if annoying).

    I just tested on my wife's 15" MacBook Pro, where I'm pretty sure no color settings have ever been changed, and has a completely different video card. And it's running 10.5. Same problem (well, slightly better. maybe 10% better. It's good enough that it MIGHT be playable, and not as annoying if it wasn't clear that it wasn't SUPPOSED to be that dark. Definitely much darker than in Windows on the same machine).

    I've been playing in quality level 9, but 1 doesn't seem to make any difference. Full screen or windowed mode don't make much difference.
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    Will BANNED
    You could actually try reducing the graphics quality level. It changes some of the lighting systems and tends to give things a bit more of an ambient wash.
  • Will;262833 said:
    You could actually try reducing the graphics quality level. It changes some of the lighting systems and tends to give things a bit more of an ambient wash.
    Like I said, I tried 1, but didn't make any difference.
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    Will BANNED
    Oh, bah. I'm stupid. I read that and then left my computer and totally forgot that you said that.
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