What order do I push the names on the banking puzzle?

I have driven through the firewall, got to the bank, and unlocked Bosco's account. In what order do I cook the books so that all of the money will be transferred to Bosco's account? Also, do I have to have the name at the top unlocked also to complete the puzzle?

Please help me. I'm not very good at these types of puzzles. Spoilers for this puzzle are okay.


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    I didn't write it down but heres the principle. You have to unlock the Bosco account 1st then get all the arrows to point towards the box just above his, and have that one point down.

    Ignore the cashflow and just get it to work, 2 outer bottom ones point up. Middle top points outward (both directions) and the one above bosco points into bosco. The rest should line up correctly if you get those set
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    This puzzle was easier than I expected. Once Bosco's account is unlocked, as long as you don't click on it, money can only go in, and not out. So just clicking on the accounts that have money in them until all the money ends up with Bosco seemed to work fine.
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