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you guys know Voodoo Lady Tarrot cards wouldn't work, right?

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The voodoo ladys tarrot cards include no real cards.

There is no Curse or Journey card.
the closest thing to Journey is The Fool.

and if it were all real cards it wouldn't work because Everyone would have the same deck of tarrot cards. Yorur deck is supposed to be unique. reflect you. Like my deck of actual tarrot cards is full of cats, I am a cat person
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  • That depends what you use it for. In French tarot (for playing, not divination) the cards are just numbered 1 to 21, with various illustrations that are completely different from one game to the next (and you have the excuse which is usually a guy playing lute but could be something else I guess).

    So if you have 22 actual illustrations, just put numbers on them, add the regular harts, spades and so on (including cavalier) and you can have a perfectly playable deck for French Tarot.

    For divination, maybe not, but I'm not sure how many people would use it for divination. I think the two major uses would be playing and just collecting.

    Here is a link to one deck so you see what I mean

    The only thing I can actually see not working is how some of the cards were meant to have half of another card on top of them.
  • Besides, it depends more on the actual emotional investment that you yourself place upon the cards.
    My cards have silver wolves :)
  • They said the same thing about the rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle, and that didn't stop me for using one...
  • I just wana look at them ^^ even if they where real ones I wouldnt try looking in the future with them
  • I have to ask the people who mentioned decks needing to be unique: does that mean you have to make them yourself? Or commission them specifically?

    And I'm guessing you mean for divining cards, right? That you need a particular attachment to them and can't do it with just any card that was printed commercially?

    I think the idea is neat, even though I'm not at all into any divining thing.

    Does that also mean you can have only one deck, or can you have several of them?

    Often when I like a series or something, I think of making a tarot deck with the characters. Sometimes even creating suites specifically. It's always a playing deck though, not the divining deck that has only 13 cards or something. (Tarot de Marseille). And I just don't know anything about any other kind than these two (French Tarot, for the purpose of playing only, and Tarot de Marseille, for reading cards). Although I know lots of other types exist.
  • not quite what I meant by unique. you do have to have some sort of attachement to them, but you don't have to make them your self or have them commisioned, just a deck that kinda calls out to you. Everytime I go somewhere that happens to have tarot decks I notice the Tarot of the Cat People. you don't have to only have one deck, because cards wear out after a while no matter what they are. my mom has had quite a few of the Toth deck.

    If Telltale/Lucas Arts decided to make them into real tarrot cards, more power to them. and who knows, maybe some people will have the whole connection with Tarrot of the Voodoo Lady. More Power to them too. at this point your best choice is making them yourself. but just a few hints if you do; Guybrush as the fool, LeChuck as the Devil, Gabel/Galeb/Vicky/Nor Treblig as death, and Elaine and Guybrush together as the lovers. really sounds like they would work, eh?
  • Thanks :)

    I'm not sure if I'll make one. And if I do, I'll probably start with the 16 "head" ones (Jack, Horseman, Queen and King of each suite) as that would make for a more versatile game (French Tarot decks are really used only for Tarot. But remove the 22 special cards and you just have a regular deck! Well, I guess you also remove the horsemen, but you know what I mean. And with a regular deck you can play much more games).

    As I said I'm not into divination, but I play card games quite a lot, so that would be my focus. I'd just have to decide if I do it in vectors or if I pull out the big guns and actually paint illustrations for all of them (hint: probably the former).
  • Remolay;262936 said:
    The voodoo ladys tarrot cards include no real cards.
    If you know so much about tarot, why do you keep calling them "tarrot" cards

    Sounds like parrot cards.

    Remolay;262963 said:
    If Telltale/Lucas Arts decided to make them into real tarrot cards, more power to them.
    Define "real tarot cards." Real in what sense? To what purpose? Wikipedia says there are various kinds of different tarot cards from different cultures. What kind are you talking about?

    To be honest, you sound almost like Ashton when he was trying to say:
    Ashton;251119 said:
    I was a little suprised and a little concerned when I saw that TTG (and presumable LA [...]) were both invoking real VooDoo..
    I mean, come on now. It's just a video game. It doesn't have to be real, and TTG and LA only do enough basic background research to make the characters and plot devices sound remotely credible.
  • Chyron8472;263009 said:
    If you know so much about tarot, why do you keep calling them "tarrot" cards
    I don't know "so much" about tarot, I just like playing it. And I guess it just feels wrong to write it "tarot", it sounds like that would be pronounced "tay-rot" so I'm doubling the r? I'll try to be careful about that, thanks for pointing it out.
  • It was Remolay who typed it weird, and the thing is every time I read "tarrot" it makes me thing of a card deck saying "Brauk! It's me! Guybrush Threepwood! Mighty Pirate."
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