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Are you a cat or dog person?

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Alright, time for another random thread/poll. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
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  • Dogs by far. For one, I'm allergic to cats. For another, we've always kept dogs in my family. A house/apartment seems empty to me if there's not a dog in it. (that's what I hate about this apartment... no pets)
  • My mom has like... 7 dogs (2 in the House, 4 at work and 1 stray dog. Yep, that counts too). She loves them.
  • I'm crazy for Catwoman... does it count? :D
  • GozzoMan;263130 said:
    I'm crazy for Catwoman... does it count? :D
    Sure, why not? :)
  • Cats. I don't mind dogs, but they seem more filthy and unhygienic than cats. Also, the dogs require more work, and I prefer animals that can look after themselves without us needing to keep an eye on it (unless there's food on the table :P).

    Depending on your location, you can just let your cat out when he wants to go out and stuff too... and they can be alone at night, and don't need a kennel looking after them when I go on a short trip. A friend of family can feed the cat once a day or so (depending on the amount of food you give him), and the cat can easily stay out of the house for a week or two. Especially in summer (you should probably make sure there's a warm place for the cat if you do this in winter, if you live in Norway).
  • On this subject, what is everyone's favorite breed of dog and cat?

    I love my mutty dog very much and would not trade her for anything and I am more for the adoption of dogs from pounds and rescue agencies than over-breeding of expensive purebreds, but I would love to own a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or a Japanese Spitz one day. Corgis are adorable both as puppies and adults and I love dogs that like to run. (I take my own dog to a large grassy area around my house and play frisbee and catch with her, it's great fun and healthy for me and the dog)

    I actually don't know much about the typical behavior of the Japanese Spitz and I generally prefer short-haired dogs, but christ just LOOK at them, they are like walking cotton balls as puppies and just beautiful as adults. Supposedly they keep themselves clean too, so you don't have to worry much about the really white fur getting dirty easily and just brush them regularly. I'm sure if they were known to be jerks I wouldn't like them very much, but I've never heard of a bad experience like that with a Spitz.

    As for cats, the Himalayan and the Russian Blue are my favorites.
  • My mom (And everyone in my family, but especially my mom) is quite partial to Dashhounds. Mostly because our first dog was one. She want to have a troop of dashhound some day. And become the most dangerous house in the block.
  • I'm a cat person, at last count there were 7 cats in this house, including my little baby Neko-san
  • I'm a cat person. I like dogs but never know how to act with them, and I find them too enthusiastic for me.

    I have two cats, for the record. A 5 year old grey-tabby I got from a friend of a friend whose cat's pill failed, and a ginger and white Maine Coon who followed us home in October and is probably around a year old now (but it's hard to say. He's double the size of our other cat and still growing).

    My husband loves both although he's more of a dog person, basset hounds in particular.
  • Cats ftw. Dogs smell and get slobber everywhere
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