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S&m Problems, all episodes

posted by Panda90 on - last edited - Viewed by 493 users
As the title implies im having trouble with all 4 episodes so far. I have previously played through all 4 but upon recently trying to replay one the game loades past the splash screen, the screen goes black and my monitor says "no input", however I can hear the ambient noise of the main menu. This now happens with all 4 episodes. Since I last played one I have installed Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and C&C 3. Little else about my PC has changed. I am running the latest Omega ATI drivers but have not changed since being able to play. Please help!
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  • Sounds like the monitor and/or video card don't like the resolution that the game is trying to launch at.

    Try deleting the prefs.prop file from the game folder. This forces the game to start up with its lowest settings and in a window. Then launch the game, and if it works, you can then go into the game options and change the resolution to something your monitor supports.
  • Have done as instructed. The game (culture shock) opened as normal and I could see the main menu. I went to the options tab, resolution said 800x600. I changed the option from windowed (default) to fullscreen and the screen went black displaying "no input" or words to that effect. By the way, I have a brand new LG L204wt 20" 16:10 WS monitor defaulting to 1680x1050@60Hz.

    I have been able to play all 4 episodes in fullscreen at the highest possible res before, this is a new problem.

  • If it's saying no input, then it's either

    A. Switching your inputs on the monitor
    B. using a resolution that's too high for your monitor

    Can you play in fullscreen a 800x600? if so, it's a resolution problem
  • Weird....

    I ran the game today and low and behold it works fine. All 4 episodes now open perfectly in 1280x960 (closest to 1680x1050 the games can do) as they did when I first played them. The problem seems to have vanished. Which is odd since I have done nothing.

    O well no need to fix somehing that isn't broken.

    Thanks for your help
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