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slow frame rate and bad quality?

posted by eatonjb on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
i dont get it.. on all 3 computers, I get bad quality and frame rate from all of the Sam and maxes, the only one that is good is my IBM laptop..

a Compaq laptop and also a Toshiba laptop have problems, they are both Centrino's so they are pretty quick..

ideas.. help.. mouths are out of sync. the mouse action is a little slow?
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  • What are the specs of your computers?
  • Pentium M, 1.5 ghz, 1 gig memory, 60 gig hd.
    SigmaTel C audio
    Intel 82852 or 82855 Video
    it's a laptop but i have it plugged into my TV (VGA connector) at 1024x768

    it's a pretty good computer..
    also has XP home

    the other compaq is about the same, with an ATI video card in it
  • Have you set the detail to low?
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    I don't know what kind of spyware and antivirus programs you have on those computers but maybe turning them off might help. :)
  • In think the Intel integrated graphics chip is probably what's causing slowness on your computer. I'd recommend switching to the bare minimum on all settings (you can also delete prefs.prop from the game folder) and see if it improves at all.
  • well the compaq has a ATI, and it has the same problem. the only one that does not is my Core Duo laptop. but that computer is faster then it needs to be.

    also, both laptops have no AV software or anything.. both of them are Windows XP and thats it.. just the patches..
  • Having an ATI can also make things a little slow if it's not a powerfull one. For example, I use an ATI Radeon Mobility X1600 256MB and I can see sometimes slow-down due to his relative lack of power. Don't check "high quality graphics" and things must be faster... anti-aliasing is such a pain for your graphic card... (and a terror for a integrated chip)
  • I dont know.. I don't think that this game really needs to use that much CPU?

  • The CPU isn't really the problem, it's the video card. Do you know what model the ATI card in your other computer is?
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