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Would you like to see Monkey Island 2 lechucks revenge special edition?

posted by Wolfstar27 on - last edited - Viewed by 3.8K users
as everyone knows with the hype leading up to the new Secret of Monkey Island:SE, everyone is wondering if there going to make a special edition to Monkey Island 2, now Monkey Island 2 is my favourite game in the series (infact it was the first one i played out of the series),my only concern is seeing the revamp of this game,because as crazy as it sounds, i really love detail in the game, the art work and backgrounds was really breathtaking, and if they revamp the characters,i dont know if there going to loose the hilarious facial expressions, like when guybrush shoves a dog down his pants, or see his cheesy smile, when hes up to no good, or when he gets threaten by largo and you see guybrushs false hair, i dont know wether it would feel the same.

what do you guys think? do you think my concerns are ridiculous, or do you agree with what im saying
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  • StarEye;259872 said:
    You could say the same about SOMI.
    That's what I did.

    But I see the hitch behind re-releasing SMI for LA: console market. Whoever played the second game - played the first. But if they couldn't play the first game, why would they play the second?
  • ted12;258655 said:
    lol. Seriously, though. I'd love to see/play Lechuck's revenge. Please, lucasarts!!! Make it?!?!?!?! PLEASE?!!?!?!?!?!?!!1!?!!?1!?1!?1
    People who can't play unvoiced video games with a smaller color spectrum and lower resolution remind me of people who can't watch older, foreign films.

    ...Yes, that's a bad thing. Shame on you.
  • i loved MI2, i think this would be a great idea.. redoing, MI2 will enable it to be more enjoyable for the younger ages, like my 7 year old daughter, rather then reading everything, kids enjoy different types of character voices telling them what to do rather then a box of text.. i would love to see this game redone, it would enable me to enjoy it again, along with my children, and they can see what kinda games we had growing up.. btw, for those who want to keep the classic, classic, thats why they made it so you can switch between styles in the last game, if you don't like the new style don't play it. but i loved it.
  • Uzrname;259869 said:
    But why would you essentially want a remake? Because the original is 256 colors and unvoiced? Just for that?
    Yeah! I guess those are the reasons. What more reasons should there be? Change the whole plot? I dont want that.

    In the first place I wouldnt have wanted any Special Editions at all. The best situation might be that the games should have been left the way they were. Personally I still enjoy playing the original SoMI and LCR versions.

    I thought that the SoMI SE was a bad idea, but after it was made, I thought it was cool. If there will not be an SE of MI2 it feels like it has somehow been left out. It has similar graphics to the original SoMI, and it has no voice acting nor graphics enhancements, so if LA doesnt make a MI2SE the LCR feels kind of abandoned.
  • Otis;259901 said:
    It has similar graphics to the original SoMI, and it has no voice acting nor graphics enhancements, so if LA doesnt make a MI2SE the LCR feels kind of abandoned.
    Well, for starters its graphics are way better. I'm sure you say that because we live in an age where everything that is not in 3D gets frowned upon.

    Really, if you compare the first and the second games, you can notice the difference. It's not enormous but it's there. And if can no doubt be redrawn, but my question is so put because I didn't see much point in remaking the first game either. Plus it didn't meet my expectations.

    Adding voices to the old graphics is the best solution for those who whine about forcing their eyes every time they read multicolor text. But adding them would kill the graphics themselves, as it may not be voiced as was expected by the fans in certain or any places in the game.

    Therefore yes, updating both the visual and the audio on MI2 is a possibility. But is it worth doing for LA? What is the demand? What is the after-reaction for those who regurgitated upon seeing SE? I'm thinking that if we should discuss it, then as an opportunity in all its seriousness rather than mere utopian beliefs.
  • If anything, I would want a remake of the game so that it would be more accessible to people. A re-release would be fine in my books for the same reason.
  • I love LCR as it is, but I'd love to se a SE also.
  • The important thing is to leave MI3 as it is, because it's perfect
  • Hasan;263616 said:
    The important thing is to leave MI3 as it is, because it's perfect
    The same goes for SMI and LCR in my honest opinion...
    Plus, the artwork for CMI would actually translate better to a higher resolution and more colors. I'd love for them to brush this game up to high res and less compressed cut scenes, as long as they kept with the original artwork and voices. They did the same with the Broken Sword releases for Wii and DS, and I absolutely love those!
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