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I was lucky to get to get out of sam and max how do I escape the darkness:confused:
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  • I have been down in the darkness and answer with all of the answers and i can not get out. Help
  • i am not going to provide a complete walkthrough for the end............. but you need to realise that the end of the game is not bound by even the rules of physics in sam and max's world (and because randomly clicking pointless options is the source of many of the funny lines in this part of the episode)

    i know that you have not tried EVERY option bacause if you had, then you would be done already............... that is how i solved it (although i suppose the is some logic to the solution, not much though)

    take note, that once you get an item, you need to go back to the other locations and try it on everything to find its use............... and if you loose an item, you can go and get another one
  • Thanks i stop just pushing answers and thought about respect.
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