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Heavy Rain!

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(I was going to make this thread once I finished my Heavy Rain commentary for youtube, but that would take a while. In the meantime...)

So, who's played/bought this game yet? For those who haven't tried it, it's a murder mystery type game, with really weird controls (but they grow on you). It's for PS3.
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  • Sailorcuteness;264645 said:
    the game kinda looks like shenmue but with a cop
    It's got a lot of QTE, in fact if you not walking it's a QTE. I love this game because I also love Shenmue and Shenmue II. Hopefully*Cough* Sega *Cough* WIll realize that there needs to be a shenmue III. The game is like Shenmue just without fighting.
  • Just bought Heavy Rain..I was pretty skeptical about the control scheme/gameplay... You start off and you're playing with your son in the backyard, suddenly you're in a mall and he goes missing. You go running through the mall, bumping into people, panicking, looking for him. I was completely immersed in this experience. This is the opening 20 minutes of the game. This is the kind of storytelling in a game I've been waiting years for. It really is something completely different and I love it. I also love how they've done the dialogue for a console. With words floating around and you choose one as a dialogue option. This is something that could work really well with Sam & Max. Anyway everyone should buy this game! If you haven't got a PS3 now is the time to get one! :)
  • You won’t enjoy the game, for a simple reason : you already know too much to be surprised, it’s just totally ridiculous. You take it step by step without playing it, it’s incredibly absurd, because the game is meant to play straight, and is about discovering what’s going, feeling things like the character you’re playing, evolving with him, at the same time as the story goes, and making choices regarding what you know (and what you don’t know). You tell me about Mad Jack. You know, I don’t know the scene you’re talking about. It never happened like that to me. And that’s exactly where you’re totally mistaking. It shows you have choice. But again, you already know the killer, what’s the point ? You read the script of the movies before you go see them ? That’s just… absurd. o_O
    (And that’s too funny to judge the motivations of a mental unbalanced guy. He is unbalanced. That’s why he is a serial killer.)

    Then, for you, what is a mature game ? I mean, Heavy Rain is not the only mature game, of course, but it is, indeed ! How can you deny such an evidence ?
    Anyway, I don’t care, if it’s mature or not, for me it feels like, and that’s all. I don’t care about which category it should fit well to please you. Okay, that’s not a mature game. I still don’t understand what it is then, but I suppose I’m too dumb to understand, so I don’t care. Let’s say it’s a dark game, you like it like that ?

    And of course, this game is not a revolution or else, but who cares ? It achieves his goal, in being an intense story to play, where your actions can have different consequences. And there is not much games to do that. With that level of music, graphics, acting, animation, and possibilities. In fact, not a single one. But you’re so much pissed off of the marketing, and I don’t how, but watched too much footage to just have any chance to like it.
    Heavy Rain is a unique experience, it does not invent anything, but it uses known techniques very well to make you live something. And you won’t live anything, believe me, because you know too much.

    Too bad, but you won money ^^
  • I suppose you were expecting too much about the game. And you're nitpicking. I don't play interactive Nobel prizes, but I suppose I'm low on standards. I don't know how you can feel cheated by a game. It's a game. I'm still convinced you took the game for something marketing said it was. And like every marketing, it was false promises. I knew about Heavy Rain only a few month ago, only watched one demo scene (and played the demo), never knew David Cage before, never heard his (apparently) pretentious declarations. It could change everything. For me, Heavy Rain is a surprise, and an incredibly good surprise (the last games were Infamous, where your choices don't change anything, Prototype, five minutes of fun, and Uncharted 2, no moral, no scenario, massive killing in beautiful corridor-like backgrounds).

    Okay. Shadow of the colossus, mature. Heavy Rain, Cop. And Flower (a game I love) is mature because you feel guilty when you see the wasteland of the fourth level (at least, I felt). It’s not ? I don’t get it. Wait, wait ! I felt guilty playing Heavy Rain ! No, no, it’s not mature, sorry. Last Guardian, even if we don’t know anything about it, will be mature I presume. In fact, mature means Ueda, maybe.

    I'm french, but I played the game in english, because the actors are not french. I started a new story in french, but was too much involved in the game (when you become to dream about it, it's a sign to stop ^^) so I'm not very far, and I can't tell. I also am unable to see what's so terrible in the english version. My average english should inform you about that :P

    (for those who did not play Heavy Rain yet, don't read the spoiler marks here… it would really ruin everything)
  • If you want some of David Cage's pretentious declarations, check this and this.

    Shadow of the Colossus isn't kicking heavy weight, so it gets an easier pass to maturity. Heavy Rain is trying to kick around heavy weight, and not being very good at it. IMO.

    Flower is pretty great. I don't know if I'd call it mature - it's emotionally involving, though.

    You know, it's strange - there aren't that many games that deal with hard-hitting themes. I'm trying to think of anything that deals with alcoholism or something. I got nothin'.
  • on the PS3?

    I bought it on Friday and I have to say it's one of the most immersive and exciting gaming experiences I've had in many years. I feel it's very much an adventure game and it's innovative model is something that other developers can build on in the future.

    I'm interested to know what Telltale and adventure game fans think of it.


  • I haven't tried it yet. It's one of those games that will probably stop selling well in a few months, creating a price drop, which is when i'll strike!
  • I love that game, not for the nudity but for the story that captures you.
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