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Telltale, Your Games Are Great And Your Timing... Impeccable

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I just wanted to say that I am so happy with your company, Telltale. You have made several of my favorite games this generation based on almost all of my favorite IP's. I have played all of your games and they have all been top-notch quality.

Being a huge fan of adventure games, I watched Sam & Max: Freelance Police very, very closely until the day of disappointment. When I found out about your company, though, I was amazed. My brother immediately bought Sam & Max: Season One and it was brilliant. So was Season Two. Then came Wallace & Gromit, which I have always loved, and Homestar Runner, which I am quite guilty of watching a lot of.

The absolutely mindblowing news was Monkey Island, though. The Monkey Island series has always been my favorite series and finding out that YOU, my favorite gaming company, was making it just amazed me. Though I was a bit skeptical about it, you guys pulled it off amazingly.

However, lately you have become more than just a great game company. You've been a great company. TellTale Tuesdays (and all of the other contests) are brilliant. They're fun to enter, fun to see the entries, and they just keep me coming back to the site. I check your site probably five times a day just to check for updates (I may have a slight obsession). Monkey Island's treasure hunting feature was just great. I loved all of the rewards. You make sure to keep your customers happy. Your support team is even great. Every issue I have ever had has been cleared up very quickly and I really appreciate that as well.

Then, the Mac announcement. You blew me away. I had played the other games of yours with my brother. I've always been a Mac user didn't have the PC to play the games with. When you announced MI, though, I quickly installed Windows 7's beta on Boot Camp. I had to have it. I pre-ordered it as soon as possible and then was mildly disappointed with the performance on Boot Camp, but loved the game. I was so excited that you were releasing your games natively for Mac.

Even stranger, my beta copy of Windows 7 runs out this week. I would have been devastated if you hadn't started releasing your games for Mac, but now I can just take the partition off of my hard drive and wait for the re-releases (I now own almost all of your games. I'm only missing one.)

So thank you, TellTale. I love your company. That timing was as amazing as you are. :)
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