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Sam & Max Star Wars Big Print - help please

posted by OldLucasMan on - last edited - Viewed by 170 users
Hi Guys,

I'm an old(er) video games guy who was lucky enough to be given a signed Sam & Max "Star Wars" oversized comic strip print many years ago.

The print is a whole short story (not a single page from a comic) and is a spoof of the Star Wars "Death Star" scene where Sam & Max play the role of Luke & R2D2 in their X Wing fighter taking on the Death Star. It's framed and has been behind glass all its life so it's in good shape. Size is about 33 inches x 31 inches. It was hand signed by Steve Purcell in 1992.

Can anyone tell me if this is a rare print, especially being hand signed by Steve Purcell? Anyone have any idea what it might be worth?

Many thanks to all in advance,

OldLucanMan (Australia)
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  • Wow, sounds pretty rare. There might be someone here who could tell you, but most likely you'd have to go to some sort of comic auction site, like Comicconnect, (the one that recently sold the Action Comic with superman's debut for US$1 Million). They'd be able to give you an estimate, I think.
  • I've never heard of there being a print of this, so it might be rare, but I can think of two things to keep in mind:
    1. The comic in question is included in full-color in the recent Surfin' the Highway reprint, so that may reduce demand (it's not a seen-nowhere-else exclusive).
    2. Steve Purcell's signature probably doesn't increase the value all that much. It's one of the easier signatures to get, and when Telltale sells prints you can get them signed for $5 extra.
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