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Desoto from hit the road?

posted by doom saber on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users
l was browsing images on yahoo search for the cancelled freelance police game and found this concept art. image

So is this why the original desoto is not in the telltale games?
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  • Who ever said Sam & Max was logical?
  • tabacco;26635 said:
    Who ever said Sam & Max was logical?
    I knew someone was goin to say that. I meant illogical even for Sam and Max.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I think the reason is that Steve (and others) thought it would be cool if Sam & Max sweetened up their ride in the 14 years between adventures.
  • The new car is probably easier for highway surfing too.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Though I really don't know, I suspect it's the same car. Maybe it's just not the same to Sam now that the roof's gone. (awwww)
  • doom saber;26653 said:
    There is also no reason not to suspect it isn't from the same accident from Freelance.
    Sure there is - Freelance Police never existed! And anyway, the Desoto's taken more damage in the past than it seems to have sustained in that piece of concept art. The front's just banged up a bit. That's nothing for a car that's proven to be indestructible.
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