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MacHeist: ToMI Mac for $20 (perhaps)

posted by City Of Delusion on - last edited - Viewed by 764 users
Mac heads, here's your chance to pick up ToMI cheap (along with some other stuff). Here's the blurb:
As a Mac user, you're used to being treated great by your software. You love the apps your Mac shipped with, and you've heard of some amazing indie apps, and you're intrigued. But you have no idea where to begin.

This is where we come in. We've assembled a collection of some of the indie community's greatest apps, over $260 worth, and packaged it all together for you at an impulse price of just $19.95.

Enrich your software life, save a ton of money, help brighten the world, and make your Mac happy all in one fell swoop. Great apps, gigantic value, all available for a truly miniature price.
The catch? You only get ToMI if they sell 50,000 copies. Oh, and no hard copy either. And the offer ends in 6 days. The good news is that they're almost half way to that goal. Here's the site. Oh, and $5 from each transaction goes to a charity (you get to choose which specific charity from a list of 11).
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