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access violation problem solved!!!

posted by Thrakhath on - last edited - Viewed by 3.6K users
To make a short story long...

For some time I have had the problem of Episode 2 crashing on me a couple of seconds after entering the game. I always get an access violation error.

Im running the game on Japanese Windows XP SP2.

I stumpled up on an old thread in this forum and they were talking about DEP on Windows Vista.

Funny enough I recently got some message about "DEP has been disabled for the application DLL as APP" or something like that when I started the game. I dont know why it poped up but the word DEP rang a bell.

So, even though I don't have Vista but XP I though I'd fiddle with the DEP just to see what would happen.

I went into the control panel -> system -> performance -> settings, added Sam & max exe to the list of apps and ticked the box.

Voila! Game is working like... a working game!

Some people solved this problem by updating to SP2. Could it be that the DEP settings are reset when doing such an installation? Was it all about DEP from the start?

Can more people please try this?

If it works please post the solution on the FAQ page so people dont have to wade through the forum to find the answer.

Good Luck
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  • this is what it looks like in my settings since I added Sam & Max and got the game working

    its all in Japanese but I dont think the window would look that much different on your foreign editions of Windows XP
  • Thanks for posting this. I'd love it if DEP turned out to be the cause of all the problems. :D

    My DEP is set to the automatic setting and I've never had trouble with access violation errors so I can't test this on my machine, but I will definitely start recommending it to people write in and see if it works for them.
  • I thought there was no DEP before XP SP2
    Anyway, I don't have the option to disable it on my SP1, and I get an Access violation as soon as I launch (I have a 6600 GT too btw).
  • Upgrading to SP2 and adding it to the DEP list thing fixed the access violation messages when starting part 4 for me too :)
    Finally got the game running, thanks a lot

    I didn't try running it in sp2 at all before I added it to the list so might aswell just have been the sp2 upgrade?
  • I just wanted to add that all the sam & max episodes work perfectly on my Windows XP with SP1 :)
    (just in case anybody was in doubt that it can work on sp1)
  • I didn't try running it in sp2 at all before I added it to the list so might aswell just have been the sp2 upgrade?
    Upgrading to SP2 fixed one of these errors on my home machine, too. Marsan, thanks for the info about SP1. :D

    There are so many different things going on here... that's why this has been so hard for us to nail down.
  • I have upgraded my machine to SP2 and have no problem with episode 3 (with or without DEP) but I can't play Episode 2 at all without the access violation error.
  • A change was made between eps2 and 3 to fix some of the access violation errors, so I suspect if ep3 is working for you now, then ep2 will too when we finally have a chance to update it (which should be fairly soon after Season 1 wraps, along with the Vista-compatible Culture Shock and the memory leak fixes in eps2 and 3).
  • I just finished Episode 3 (excellent as expected :)), and I just installed Episode 4..... unfortunately I am getting the Access Violation Error.

    Episode 5 just finished installing, and it too is getting the Access Violation error. Sometimes though, the game window flashes open and then disappears without any error at all. This happens maybe two out of three times I click Launch Game.

    I tried putting both executables in the DEP disable list with no change (still Access Violation).
  • I upgraded SP2 but after that my computer was too slow. The game in itself worked whereas I have the violation problem. However, I remove SP2, it was unusable.
    Now that the origin of the problem is known, does anyone how to make work the game without upgrading to SP2? Or does anyone know how to make my computer work faster with SP2?
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