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CSI: 3 dimensions of murder - Can't move on to the 3rd case

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Hi Emily,

I finished the second case (First-person shooter) and when I was starting to get my evaluation, my computer crashed. I restarted my computer, and now the 3rd case is not showing up in the list, and I only have the option of restarting the 2nd case. I saw a while ago that you had sent the file "" to the person to replace the bad one on the person's computer. Could you do that for me too, please? I reallllly don't want to have to do this case again.


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  • Please look in your CSI game data folder and email me the saved game file that ends in .save as well as the one that ends in .prop, and I'll see if I can get someone here to fix it for you.

    You can email it to [email][/email].
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