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Monkey Island 2 Remake maybe revealed at GDC!!

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The first word on Monkey Island 2: The Special Edition has emerged from the muddy swamps. We don’t usually report rumors, but we can report reporting on rumors. From Kotaku:

We’ve heard from sources that the game is due to be announced very soon, perhaps even next week at the Game Developer’s Conference, and that like the first game’s special edition, will contain all-new graphics and audio.

Unlike the first game, however, this one will be reaching a few more consumers, with versions planned for not just the Xbox 360, PC ad iPhone (like Monkey Island), but the PlayStation Network as well.

quoted from the scummbar!
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  • Nice, I remember a while ago someone mentioned that March would be a special month for Monkey Island fans. Guess that was no lie. Monkey Island has really been making an awesome comeback in the past half year, well worth waiting almost a decade for the series to resume.
  • From Alexandra Boyd's twitter page:
    3:50 AM Feb 21st via Twitterrific " said:
    Alexandras ep of New Tricks on BBC1 mon 9pm. FROM PARIS WITH LOVE opens fri & new series of Monkey Island starts recording on Tuesday!!
    Most likely, she's talking about MI2SE.
  • I want this to happen.... really bad
  • If they don't use Steve Purcell's background, I will cry like a little schoolgirl...
  • Bagge;267376 said:
    From Alexandra Boyd's twitter page: ...
    Most likely, she's talking about MI2SE.
    Also on that page:
    Star sighting: Patrick Stewart waiting for his car at SIDE where I recorded latest Monkey Island game. Make it SO!!!
    God, now I wish Patrick Stewart did some voicework for that game!
  • Yeah, although I can't think of any characters in MI2 that would fit Patrick Stewart's voice.
  • I just imagined Largo with Sir Patrick Stewart's voice.
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