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Everyone reading this--go right now to and click the donation button over and over again, it just diverts funds from other organizations!

If you excuse me, I have to get back to clicking...
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  • No end to the wackiness there.

    Anyway, it's rather interesting to see Max take after his ancestor, Max Attucks.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Murray the Chao;26700 said:
    Anyway, it's rather interesting to see Max take after his ancestor, Max Attucks.
    A lamentable fate for such a patriotic dude.
  • I got the Max for President Fund donated money to itself. How selfish!:D
  • I got St. George's Books. Someone on Telltale's web staff likes GK1, it would seem.
  • I'm glad we got the Weather Machine.

    Now, for Jeweled Underpants!
  • Thank you. $1 has been "donated" to Max for President from

    the Max for President Fund.
    the National Treasury.
    Social Security.
    your social security fund. Thanks!
    your wallet, which you left over here last night.
    your mother.
    the public school system.
    the United Nations.
    the United Whey.
    a randomly chosen numbered Swiss bank account.
    the Boys' Choir of Geneva.
    Weatherproofing For Waterfoul
    the United Front for Self-Interest.
    the D'ni Restoration Council.
    Mario's coffers.
    educators and nurses.
    Kittens 4 Peace.
    Robots are People Too.
    People for the Ethical Treatment of Aliens.
    Extra-Terrestrial Life Forms Against Higher Gas Prices.
    the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP).
    the United Federation of Planets.
    Elvis's tomb.
    Middle Earth.
    Ancient Egypt.
    Soviet Russia.
    the Communist Party of Rubacava.
    the Melee Island Bureau of Tourism.
    the Oakhurst Memorial Society.
    Abraham Lincoln's Estate.
    the National Consortium of Smart People.
    St. George's Books.
    CEOs R Us.
    Chocolate Lovers Anonymous.
    Chocolate Haters Anonymous.
    the Liver 'n' Onions Concert Fund.
    the Dinosaur Bowling League.
    the Society in Favor of Motherhood and Apple Pie.
    Mothers Against Change.
    Chia Pets Against Rabies Shots.
    the Salvation Marines.
    Computers for the Amish.
    Dyslexics Untied.
    the United Dividers.
    the Charitable Burglary Trust Group.
    the Orphans without Shoes Foundation.
    the Orphans without Socks Foundation.
    the Orphans without Shoes or Socks Foundation.
    the Shoes wihout Orphans Foundation.
    A Couple of Children Left Behind (But Who's Counting?).
    starving yet charitable third-world children.
    the Coffee for Poor People Fund.
    the Americans for Cleaner Air Group.
    the Americans for Cleaner Water Group.
    the Americans for Cleaner Political Fundraising Group.
    the Americans for Cleaner Language Group.
    the Americans for Cleaner Sewage Group.
    The Man.
    Mr. Ed.
    the Missing Link.
    Santa Claus.
    Darth Vader.
    the Loch Ness Monster.
    Count Chocula.
    Mr. Spatula.
    the Prismatology Foundation.
    Ted E. Bear's secret vault.
    the Brady Culture Fanclub.
    the Mount Rushmore Soda Abuse Prevention Program (MRSAPP).
    Whizzer's trust fund.
    M! (the Myra Magazine).
    Former Child Stars Anonymous.
    the Computer Obsolescence Prevention Society (COPS).
    the Internet.
    Mack Salmon.
    the Phoney Bone Mayoral Campaign.
    the Telltale Games Pension Fund.
    the Telltale Games Party Fund.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    You are a madman.
  • Just noticed the Futurama reference... (DOOP)... Nice!
  • Count Chocula! AHHH!!!
  • Jake;26783 said:
    You are a madman.
    I know, that's why I like Max so much!

    My personal favorites are:
    Dyslexics Untied ;)
    Computers for the Amish :rolleyes:

    And I didn't realize DOOP was a Futurama reference! I should know, I bought the 4 DVD season box sets! I want a Futurama adventure next!


    BTW, did I miss any funds?
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