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Hit the Road revisted?

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This has probably been discused here all ready, but ill post it again.

What if Telltale games were to remake Hit the Road with 3D graphics and the new voice actors?

I think it would be a chance for them to earn an extra money and for the people who never got the chance to play Hit the Road, to play it at last.

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  • No matter how cool or lame this idea might be, the actual hit the road game still belongs to Lucasart, so if they ever decide it'd be worth it, they'll probably do it themselve.
  • And what're the chances of that happening while the Star Wars cash cow still has some dribbles of milk left in it's teat?
  • Tbh, i seriously doubt that Lucas Arts has the skill to pull it off. they lost so many of there great and skilled people.

    Even the remake of Monkey island, it was fun, but still it lacked the spark.

    Lucas Arts can only do mediocre Starwars games. its a game shame, if i had a time machine, then i could go back and find out WTF happened, i mean they were the king nobody could touch them in terms of Adventure games, then suddenly NO CANCEL ALL CANCEL. lets milk the Darth Vader cow TRY! its pretty damn sad :(
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    The only possibility I see was if Telltale bought Hit The Road's rights.
  • Leave the game alone. It's fine as it is. We are getting season 3, that should be enough.
  • If anything, Lucasarts would do a Sam and Max: Hit the Road Special Edition game, although I seriously doubt that would happen. I see no reason why they would sell the rights of Hit the Road to Telltale Games. Besides, I would imagine that Telltale would rather make season 3.
  • Yes I want a Special Edition. A beautiful HD and 2D edition.
  • A Special HD edition for the consoles/iphone would be great!
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    I doubt that will happen because not only Hit The Road belongs to LucasArts, but now it's Telltale the one that owns the rights to publish Sam & Max games.

    So neither LucasArts nor Telltale can publish a remake of that game on their own. Unless they make some sort of agreement, that is. But I don't think LucasArts thinks it's financially viable to release a remake of that game, since they already cancelled its sequel some years ago.

    The most likely next LA remake will be probably Monkey Island: LeChuck's Revenge :rolleyes:
  • There's nothing wrong with the old voice acting, and it doesn't need to be in 3D. It would be better if the graphics weren't so pixellated, but that's the only reason I can think of for an update.

    Although I don't know why Sam looks so bored in that game. You're a dog, show some enthusiasm.
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