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Everyone reading this--go right now to and click the donation button over and over again, it just diverts funds from other organizations!

If you excuse me, I have to get back to clicking...
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  • Current Fundraising Goals:
    Hugh Bliss Action Figure
    Gold Toilet Seat
  • I want a Hugh Bliss action figure!
  • i am waiting for them to buy a chupacabra.......
  • barchetta;26820 said:
    I know, that's why I like Max so much!

    My personal favorites are:
    Dyslexics Untied ;)
    Computers for the Amish :rolleyes:

    And I didn't realize DOOP was a Futurama reference! I should know, I bought the 4 DVD season box sets! I want a Futurama adventure next!


    BTW, did I miss any funds?
    You may remember DOOP from such episodes as "Brannigan, Begin Again", where Zap Brannigan is court marshalled and finds himself working at Planet Express... much hilarity ensues! :P
  • barchetta;26820 said:

    BTW, did I miss any funds?
    I f(o)und five more... ;)

    Swiss bank account #02197171.
    Tots for Toys.
    out of thin air.
    the Throttle family sandwich fund.
    the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    fajerkaos;26851 said:
    the Throttle family sandwich fund.
    A crazy reference.
  • I found yet 5 more!

    a Shambling Corporate Presence.
    Sam's wallet. :D
    the Phantom Zone
    Nick the Intern
    the International House of Mojo.
  • those are some expensive red vines, yikes!!!!:eek:

    anyone catch that you got "donated" a dollar from satan?
  • President Max needs his goat... president max needs his goat...

    Phew... 1000 dollars towards Pet Goat.

    Ooh... President Max needs his Antique Flame Thrower...
    ::clicks... clicks... clicks... clicks::

    Should be finished sometime tonight >_<

    ... FOR PRESIDENT MAX! (The loots, he neeeeds them...)
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