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DVD Available for Pre-Order!

posted by GuruGuru214 on - last edited - Viewed by 4.5K users
Available in Standard, and Deluxe Edition including the pre-order Purcell slip cover and several other goodies. Also available are tarot cards and other awesome merch.

Telltale, I freaking love you guys.
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  • YAY I ordered dulux straight away il check bank acc and see if i got enough 4 others XD
  • It's niiice - now the soundtrack just has to appear down the track to make this bounty of Monkey merchandise even sweeter... :D
  • Is there any way we can get larger pictures of the merchandise in the Deluxe version? :D
  • I'm also excited that this means that this will (hopefully) be the last thread created about the DVD. Not nearly as excited as I am about the DVD, though.

    Although I might be giving the internet too much credit here.
  • Soon as I get paid I'm hitting the store! Unless the free shipping deal ends before payday... in which case I'll just have to raid my savings. I want that tankard! (and everything else to boot)
  • So, is this separate from the pre-order DVD?

    What I mean to say is, if I get the deluxe edition, am I ordering the DVD I already paid for plus all the goodies or am I ordering a separate DVD altogether?

    And if I get the deluxe edition and the DVD is the one I already ordered, does that mean it'll be cheaper?

  • NICE feature set on the DVD!

    The Deluxe edition is nice. I'm a sucker for cloth maps.

    The shirt and the cup seem to be kind of lazy in product design compared to Telltale's usual amazing work. I generally expect them to do more than slap a logo on something, but okay. I guess people wanted that, though.

    Ten cents away from the $50 if I got the Deluxe DVD and a Sam and Max pre-order. That's annoying.

    So, the "case file" has morphed into a DVD edition? I guess I can understand that. Was the $15 price tag because the materials are more expensive, or to allow Telltale to offer it continuously? Will it go out of stock like the case files?
  • What if you pre-ordered back in June do you have to get a copy now or do we get a seperate email for our orders?
  • Ahhh! Too much going on at once - Special Edition, Devil's Playhouse, DVD available in regular and deluxe version, tarot cards! Ahhh, my head's gonna explode!
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