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Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse - control and interface discussion thread.

posted by [TTG] Yare on - last edited - Viewed by 9.6K users
You know the drill.

Any other control/UI threads that spring up will be merged into this one or deleted.

Lackey;269677 said:
Can I just point and click to move around?
If you click on something, you will walk to it before using it. Clicking on the ground doesn't do anything.
Sir Primalform Magnifico;270529 said:
I really miss just being able to click where I want to go. Why can't you include that in addition to all the other schemes?
There are threads discussing this all over the forum. What it comes down to is this: Making a game support point-and-click imposes strict requirements on level design and cinematography. We don't want to work within those requirements, so we dropped point-and-click.
JedExodus;269519 said:
Has click and drag survived from ToMI guys?
Gman5852;269569 said:
Just out of curiosity, are you allowed to use WASD controls like TOMI.
WASD, arrow keys, and numpad are all supported.
avistew;269511 said:
Do you click or do you select it with the keyboard? Or something else?
On the PC, you click to select things. Unless you're using a gamepad.
Pale Man;269532 said:
Gamepad support on PC? :D:D:D
Yes. If you use a gamepad on the PC, it will control the same as it does on PS3.
Diduz;270592 said:
Is the gamepad support on PC limited to the Xbox 360 controller or pretty much every win-compatible joypad is supported?
It should work with any gamepad. <-- PROBABLY WRONG: </b> I think that the engine supports Xbox and Logitech controllers, everything else is questionable. Some forum users claim that a third-party program called "padmapper" will allow any joystick to work, but I have not tried it first hand.

Diduz;270592 said:May I control the game entirely through keyboard?

You must use the mouse to select things on the PC.

A bunch of people said:Hotspot highlighting!

Hotspot highlighting is no longer tied to your graphic quality setting. I believe it is limited to gamepad controls, however, as it is tied in with the way you select things in that mode. Pressing the equivalent of "right-trigger" will make hotspots show up.

Tjibbbe;269559 said:Yare, could you tell us how dialogue works this time around? Will we see something like this in de PC-version (looks spiffy!), or do we get more traditional dialogue lines?:


This interface is the same for both controller and pointer, though the way you interact with it differs to suit the control method you are using.
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