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Thanks for ordering Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, and welcome to the private pre-orderers discussion forum!

This is the exclusive location to chat with the team behind the latest Sam & Max season, and amass all kinds of secret knowledge related to the upcoming games, so that you can lord it over your less-informed friends. Join us!
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  • Hero1;270006 said:
    I pre-ordered the PC version to support Telltale and Sam & Max, but I'll be pre-ordering and playing the PS3 version.. the graphics look awesome! Can't wait to see it in 1080P on my big screen TV
    Your not the only one, I'm definetly going to support telltale any way I can, even if that means pre-ordering for the PS3, though I wonder what the perks for the PS3, hopefully a max skin to walk around playstation home.

    @ Ginny, I know you from somewhere I just can't place it. :P
  • This looks like it's gonna be Telltale's best game yet, and it's Sam & Max too so there's already guaranteed awesomeness in there.

    I just hope that this board will be able to handle the traffic as I think the board record will be broken on the 15th of April.
  • Icedhope;270007 said:
    @ Ginny, I know you from somewhere I just can't place it. :P
    Really... Wait, You were the weird cadaver near to Chuck Norris when I came to try to stop him of still doing push ups, failed of course, and then come back when the Playhouse was calling me?
  • Another "pre-orderer" reporting for duty!
    Pre-ordered the game today as soon as I saw it in my newsfeed, really loving the few screenshots so far.

    Oh, and the Mass Effect-esque dialog dial is awesome, I chuckled when I saw it.
  • Disappointed there's no 360 version!
    But PC version pre-ordered anyway, looking forward to it a lot :)
  • I just blew the last of my student loan getting here. I've no more money for food for the next three weeks. Thanks TTG.
  • Cant wait, Telltalegames are awesome, Have bought every game you have released :)
  • Ordered on PC, and will buy again on PSN :-)
  • yes, im in and cant wait for the game to come out.
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