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Funniest moments in reality 2.0 *SPOILER CITY AHEAD*

posted by fajerkaos on - last edited - Viewed by 3.7K users
I hope that it isn't anybody that will be mad at me for starting this thread this time.
Just needed to clean out the stuffs that I thought was funniest, and I didn't see a thread for it yet, so...

My favorite moment most have been the whole Text-thingie in the end,
I laughed really hard then I first tried to kill the Respect for Living Things when I was down there, also trying to give the Respect for Living Things to Max made me feel like bursting out in laughter.

That Bosco tried to spy on you then you talked to Jimmy, and used the binoculars even though that you stand just right next to him.

Talking to "not Hugh Bliss" and just feeling Max's hate...

To tired to remember any more... :o

EDIT: Oh... And the zelda like tatada-sound when you picked something up. :)
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  • i was going to wait untill tommorrow to start one...... you just beat me to it, but i am not mad or anything...... :rolleyes:

    my favorite part was the old carpet in the dumpster...... and max's comment about the flailing around and screaming gibberish job already being taken

    and the comment about max not hearing anything that sounds like a cat being strangled for the last five minutes, is high on my list as well

    also the crack at the end about the internet crashing before it could tell you who mr. biv is..... "it's the internet, what do you expect"

    lastly, max's comment about their tv being a peice of crap, literly made me fall on the floor
  • Well, as I expected the boards are exploding now that Episode 5 is out (To Season 1 customers, anyway.). :D
  • Using the computer bug on the Pong machine. The kittens in the final text-based showdown against the internet were hilarious.
  • Ah man, the goey kittens were really making me sad. : / Poor goey, melting, strange kittens.
  • The dialog that comes up when you click the poster for the sequel to "Swan Lake" was the most laugh-out-loud bit for me. It took me a minute to get it.
  • Heh... Don't know why, but I loved the part where they steal the binoculars from Bosco, and then they have that akward moment after they take them.
  • The rat-cannon was pretty out-there. Now THAT's the kind of absurd humor we've been looking for.
    The 2d-mod was a blast of nostalgic fun, too bad you can't do much with it.
    Loved the joke about Jesse James' severed hand. (By the way, did anyone else notice it's suddenly missing a fingertip:confused:)
    Giving Bosco's to Max in the end sequence was hilarious and very very 'edgy'.
  • Maybe a easter egg or not...the savegem from Daikatana in reality 2.0 :)
  • a funny moment that i do not think was on purpose is when you listen to sybils avatar and audio blog at the same time

    click on the mouth 2 times and then click the avatar...... than just alternate between the two....

    it sounds like real sybil is yelling at virtual sybil

    avatar: if you need help, seek the internet wizard
    blog: emergency, send more jitter to sybil pandemic.....

    avatar: gold coins can be used to buy usefull items at the item shop
    blog: why did you put stupid coins in the stupid sky....

    avatar: beware of monsters....
    blog: this is not cool monsters are invading my homepage

    it was so funny
  • I laughed at the adverts floating around in the background: "Click here to install spyware", "Click here to find out why we want you to click here", "Enter your security number for a prize".

    "Hi, I'm not Hugh Bliss" had me in hysterics. The "Hi, I'm Hugh Bliss" line had me laughing like mad in the previous episodes for no apparent reason too.

    The "it didn't match the drapes" line got a good laugh out of me.

    Finally, the closing scene made me laugh as well. I just hope there's a twist and he isn't really the bad guy. I really want to see him in season 2.
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