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Funniest moments in reality 2.0 *SPOILER CITY AHEAD*

posted by fajerkaos on - last edited - Viewed by 3.8K users
I hope that it isn't anybody that will be mad at me for starting this thread this time.
Just needed to clean out the stuffs that I thought was funniest, and I didn't see a thread for it yet, so...

My favorite moment most have been the whole Text-thingie in the end,
I laughed really hard then I first tried to kill the Respect for Living Things when I was down there, also trying to give the Respect for Living Things to Max made me feel like bursting out in laughter.

That Bosco tried to spy on you then you talked to Jimmy, and used the binoculars even though that you stand just right next to him.

Talking to "not Hugh Bliss" and just feeling Max's hate...

To tired to remember any more... :o

EDIT: Oh... And the zelda like tatada-sound when you picked something up. :)
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  • I thought the voice of the control computer for gravity was so funny.. Screaming: You will fall!!! Die!!
  • The "you will fall" thing was really funny. In fact I want to see that arcade machine in the future. Everything it said was funny cause of the way it said it.
    Max's "R2" comment" was great, considering they were previously in a Lucasarts game. Also the 2D thing.
    I liked how the robot walked past the window at the start as well. All of the president Max humor was great.
  • When Sam & Max get shrunk down, I couldn't help but giggle all the time like some teenage cheerleader, by simply looking at Max' and ESPECIALLY Sam's running... priceless!

    Please, TellTale, let them run like this ALL THE TIME when setting the game to "Warp Speed"... PLEASE!
  • Laserschwert;27075 said:
    When Sam & Max get shrunk down, I couldn't help but giggle all the time like some teenage cheerleader, by simply looking at Max' and ESPECIALLY Sam's running... priceless!
    I thought I was the only one! :D

    This really would be the best thing to do with the Warp Speed button!
    Oh great and glorious Telltale Games, if you, in your great wisdom, intelligence, charisma, dexterity, etc., implemented this feature, we should be eternally grateful!
  • Funniest moment for me, when i gave bosco back his wooden sword that doesnt work :D
  • for me i think it was the quote: "I think we just stumbled into the place where Steve Wozniak makes erotic films Max" when you first walk into leftys :D

    I think i woke up my neighbors i laughed so hard :D
  • The text adventure end, Max laughing when Sam mentions prune nuts, Bosco literally being a half-elf. :D
  • Bosco really shines in every episode!
    ...trusteth me, trusteth me!

    And I really was happy to notice, that they've had new commends on everything in the office! (though I wasn't one of those who complained about that before)
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Dangerzone;27147 said:
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    Heh, I think that one says "Catch the chimp, win Chimps!"
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