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Telltale Doctor Who Game? (Merged Threads)

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How would one make a Doctor Who game?
Shooter? No
RPG? Nah
Platformer? Maybe
Top Trumps game? Really? No.
Fighter? God no
Point and Click? Yes!

So who should do it?
Rare? British, show interest in the show on twitter. But no.
Top Trumps? No. Why did they do that to begin with?
BBC? No No No No
LucasArts? Stick their name on another popular Sci Fi series? No
Telltale? Yes!
Doctor who has been practially begging for a game for years. But something so story driven is a bit difficult to put into game format. You need something that seems you are playing a tv show. A point and click could work for this. It could also help the players think. Put them in the doctors shoes as he unravels a mystery. Then an episodic content would work even better. Make it seem just like a tv series.

But what about style? How about:


I hope Telltale actually consider this one day. What about you? How do you feel on these ideas? Would they work?
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  • Katsuro;271422 said:
    How about, and this might be a crazy idea, that you control the caracter in a story telling, but not overly action oriented gameplay, getting confronted with puzzles which you have to solve in a crazy but mostly non-violent way!
    Hahaha sorry the crazy pills they gave me are making me write stupid gameplay ideas :D
    You and your controversial ideas are not welcome here! Burn the Heathen!;)

    But seriously, given that they said they have given deep though to the gameplay type, i wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't dissimilair to a P'n'C adventure.
  • one of those sources is The Sun, which often makes up most of it's stories
  • The info's reached The Escapist via The Sun and MCVUK as well.
  • I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing a Doctor Who adventure game without meaningless violence. But since its coming for the Wii, we maybe should worry about the meaningless waggle issue.

    Let’s all pray for that BBC and Nintendo have chosen a creative and competent development team that won’t let the game turn into a mini-game filled waggle fest. Because I think the Wii is great for traditional adventure games, but many lazy developers just give up on the controls and fill them with too much stupid waggle. In fact you can on the Wii spot the competence of a developing team by their waggle factor: Meaningless waggle = lazy developer, Innovative waggle = Competent developer. Of course, time and money is also a great factor which should not be overlooked.

    So, let’s for this in the new Doctor Who game: Creative and competent development team, Story and dialogue written by show writers, And voice cast from the actors of show.
  • well, waggle to aim and use the sonic screwdriver, that might be cool
  • I got Kotaku to contact Nintendo who got offical comment and then emailed me back.

    Nintendo confirmed to them that their is no Doctor Who game coming to Wii or DS.
  • I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of Deja-Vu here.

    Thanks for the info, but you aren't on Gallifreybase by any chance are you?
  • you know this does not surprise me, the source being, you know, The Sun and all
  • similar to BTTF in structure, but more difficult, cannot emphasize that enough
    any thoughts ppl?
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    Shauntron Telltale Staff
    The team normally doesn't chime in on properties we wish we could work on, as not to set up unfair expectations. But speaking as a fan who just got started in the show this year I would make the HELL out of that trailer :)
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